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destroyed con rod bearings - pics and description - what happened ?


i have a friend who, lets say, isnt very car savy. he decided to buy a turbo kit, and have it installed. he took it to a local guy and had the kit installed

the install was done after hours

the day the kit was finished, it was test driven ... HARD ... this resulted in a number of destroyed pistons, because the car wasnt tuned...

so my friend bought new internals, and had the same guys install the internals

the engine was stripped of its head, oil pan, and the rest of the components needed to get at the cylinders, the engine was honed IN THE CAR and the new pistons / rod were dropped in along w/ new rod bearings

my friend proceeded to beat the tar out of the car, still untuned .... and it soon developed a small "knock" that souned like a woodpecker pecking at aluminium ... only did it under load

he gets the car tuned, proceeds to beat the tar out of the car more, and he assumed one of the blades inside the turbo was tapping the housing

soon after, the turbo blew. oh hey look at that, he was right....

so he uses the warranty on the turbo to get it replaced ... and they tell him the turbo died because of lack of oil ...

install new turbo, and in the mean time we hack open the oil filter .... we find that each pleat has a LINE of bearing material in it .... and its not a small amount ... it looks like the car ate a rod bearing or two .... he ingores my attempts to convince him that engine is trashed ...

next day they fire up the car ..... and it once again knocks under load, but after the turbo spools you cant hear anything ...

he proceeds to ONCE AGAIN go out and POUND THE TAR OUT OF THE CAR

finaly decides to check things out ....

Here are pics of the crank..

And here are shots of the bearings

This one here you can see the great oil hole

This one here the bearing seems to be mushroomed out.

General Shots

now its obvious why the turbo died from lack of lub ..... the engine was "bleeding" at the con rods ... leaving the REST of the engine with low oil pressure ...

so im talking to him and his buddy online after these pics are taken ....

they refuse to beleive me that the crank is shot, and that the rods are most likely dead too

apparently the front two bearings were having a backwards day .... because they were holding onto the crank, but the con rod slid back and forth across them ...

his buddy told me that they arent gonna have the rods measured / resized, and that they are FINE becuase the NEW bearings "seam to fit tight" ....but im guite sure that an ovaled rod can still APPEAR to have tight fitting bearings ..

so what do u guys think happened ? wrong size bearings ? installer error ?
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