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On my 1995 pickup with the 350, lately I had reason to remove the rear quick disconnect fitting on the intake manifold and had read about there being a high possibility of twisting it off. Surprisingly it came out fine but did show some signs of possible lifting material inside although scraping a little inside seemed to bring it down to solid material so I don't know if it was a slight build up on the fitting or actual material lifting from the fitting. Of course being that it was out I wasn't going to take chances and replaced it with the Dorman unit in both the water pump and the manifold. As you can guess, I never had the proper tool and damaged the plastic tabs a little with other means of moving them apart for line removal and that was my own fault for not seeking out the right tool for the job.

The reason for my comment, back when I bought my truck new they were not factory filling this model with Dexcool but were by the next year and so soon on in my trucks life I actually switched from the green coolant to a Dexcool "compatible" coolant which is orange in color rather then the trademark pink. Through the years I would drain it and refill with fresh Dexcool compatible coolant and sometimes three years and up to five years between changes. Knock on wood, I've never had a rad issue and when removing the intake it appeared relatively clean in the head coolant ports and spotless in the intake side and any time I have changed the thermostat its always looked 100 % spotless in that area of ether the intake or the aluminum thermostat housing. So I can't say I used "Dexcool" but it was the compatible equivalent with similar chemistry and I don't know if that fitting in the intake is a good example but I haven't had reason to think its been a bad coolant for my engine at least. I do make sure I mix it with distilled water rather then anything questionable and never have anyone else working on the cooling system and adding the wrong/non compatible coolant as I expect that could cause all sorts of issues then.

I've had a lot more problems with the older green type of coolant { we can't get green coolant here now, its dyed purple } with slime build up issues or degrading of aluminum parts such as the thermostat housings etc. Also inside the overflow tank it stays clean unlike some of the older trucks we have which look like a sewer inside, those trucks typically have a copper rad and that may be some of the issue .. not sure.
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