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Diagnostic Scanner Question???

Hello, this isn't necessarily hotrod related but I though you guys might be able to help me out.

I am thinking about buying a obdII diagnostic scanner because my car (06 pontiac G6) is now out of warrenty and because my wifes car has been giving us a couple problems now and then (95 buick lasabre). I do all the work on our cars and figured that one of these guys might come in handy, and it would be a new toy to play with with my xmas money

I was wanting to spend less than $100 if possible but I could go up to around $200 if need be. I was looking at a scanner that you use with your lap top on ebay for about $75.00

I'm not set on this one, but thought I could save a little money using our laptop rather than buying an all in one unit.

I believe that it would work for my G6 but the buick would be a problem. Being a 95 the buick is a transition car from the obdI to the obdII, I believe it has the obdII diagnostics but with a obdI plug.

All of the obd II scanners that I've seen say they will work with 96 and newer cars and the obdI with 94, but non with the transistion cars Is there an adaptor I could buy or maybe even make to be able to read the diagnostics on our buick, or is there a scanner out there in my price range???

The main reason I'm looking into this is because over the last year or so we've had a few problems with the buick, I just need to get the buick to last us another year untill my wife is done with college and gets a full time job, the car was a gift from her grandma, so the no car payment thing is great with here going to school.

The first problem we had was a year or more ago with the car just dieing when driving. I had to take it to a mechanic and pay $25 for a diagnostics to find out that the ignition module was bad.

I replaced that then about 3 months ago the car would sometimes (maybe 1 out of 100 times) not want to start, then when it did start the check engine light would be on. Another $25 for a diagnostics to find out that the crank position sensor was going out, so I replaced it.

Now the wife says its doing a chugga, chugga, vibratey thing sometimes..... Yeah I know great discription LOL It seems to just do it now and then when the engine is under load, like passing someone or going up a hill, its like it is stumbeling or missing, then the check engine light comes on.

I just figure that If I get a scanner that I could use on this I could save the $25 for diagnostics here and there and it would come in handy my car and others too.

Thanks for all the help guys and sorry to be so long winded.

Talk to you all later

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