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Gearhead forever 02-04-2005 10:54 PM

Did I buy a P.O.S. Compressor?
Here's the deal. I needed air. I wanted a 60gal 5hp comp, but I couldn't find any used machines with a vertical tank in my budget. I ended up buying a 30 gal, 3hp vertical tank for $250 CDN ($200 US) I guess I could have spent more, but I want to keep a little reserve for other gear (torch set, small forge, anvil etc...) It is a belt driven Atlas Copco single cyl (alum casing and cyl / head) with a newer Leeson 3 HP high speed motor. I don't know if its piece-mealed together with different components, or only had a replacement motor. I was skeptical,but decided that the motor was worth $250 anyway. (would make a great disc/drum sander) Can anyone supply any details regarding this compressor head? (model: Type TE15B?) I know Atlas Copco is better known for the bigger industrial stuff.....I figured maybe this head is off some medical or specialty compressed air system.... Any ideas?? I'd really like to know what delivery or horsepower rating this has....

OneMoreTime 02-05-2005 12:31 AM

Now that you own it!
Fire it up and try it may work just fine for you..If not..well maybe you can change the compressor itself to ge more air delivery..?

Failing that well it is some good trading stock..:D


Gearhead forever 02-05-2005 07:33 AM

It runs fine, but seems to build pressure slowly....I fiigured as much with only a single cyl. Im just trying to fing specs on this model I guess.

oldred 02-05-2005 08:20 AM

GEAR--Please don't get p!$$ed off at me for harping more about compressors it's just that I have spent a lifetime working with welders and compressors and I have built and installed many shop and mobile air systems, It is part of what I do. Your post is a good example of what I have been trying to get across about selecting a compressor and that is that tank size and HP tell next to nothing about a compressors performance. You stated that you wanted a 60 gallon 5 hP unit but what CFM? If a compressor is only putting out 8 CFM that is all you are going to get period, not matter what size tank and HP. Tank size means quite a bit with compressor life and to a lesser extent power consumption but almost nothing to performance. If the compressor pump is being driven at it's rated RPM then the air output will be the same no matter if it is driven by 3 HP or 10. Here is a really good guide by an HONEST manufacturer especially the parts about HP and tank size.

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