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The Olds diesel has left a big black mark on the auto community. Many people had bad experiences with them new and others got them used and had more problems. This has carried over today to todays diesels. The best thing that can happen to them is to be forgotten and written off as a bad idea. Look at the new technology.

The new 07 1/2 and coming 08's are so close in the big 3 that it is only personal preference which to get. They all are very good and will pull any kind of a reasonable load a long way. The mpg is down a bit but there are tuners just around the corner that will fix that.

While I use mine for a daily driver too, you will have to have a good pocket full of change for today's diesel to have it just for a daily driver. Practical as a daily driver?? Well is a 3/4 ton big block Suburban practical as a daily driver?? If you must have comfort, climate control, dead quiet ride, and don't mind 10 mpg or the price tag...they are great. The same goes for other big gassers. If you like a diesel just because...well have at it. They are sometimes fun, annoying, obnoxous, big, take up a lot of room, don't fit in drive thru's or car washes. It's all about what you like and are willing to pay for.

As for the v10's. Not a bad choice for a daily driver if you just need a big truck to get somewhere. They actually will pull a good load too so don't knock them too hard. I ran into a guy that had a brand new Super duty Ford crew cab dually last year at the gas station. I asked him how he liked the new Ford Powerstroke not knowing it was a v10. He said it was a v10 not a diesel. He had got the v10 instead of the diesel for all the reasons listed above. He didn't pull heavy or many times. But he said he just couldn't deal with all the problems the 6.0's have. He said it didn't get the best mpg but he could live with that and could not live with the truck in the shop multiple times.

I guess the bottom line is get what pleases you. We all spent a lot of time driving so it might as well be in something we enjoy driving. Besides the diesel vs gas will always start a good debate. All you have to say is "DIESELS RULE" on a forum like this. guaranteed you will start something. haha
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