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slammed 57 01-09-2010 10:51 AM

disc brake caliper dragging
installed new callipers all the way around, but the Left rear is dragging/sticking. I know for one i can hear it .two A LOT of brake dust on the wheel. how can this be fix?

Rickracer 01-09-2010 12:58 PM

You need to determine if it's the caliper hanging up or possibly a bad hose. Jack that wheel up, pump the pedal up hard, make sure that wheel is still grabbing, then crack the bleeder screw. If it still has pressure in it, and the wheel releases, you've probably got a hose going bad internally. :cool:

Coodeville 01-09-2010 01:42 PM

I'd go out and get a different caliper and hose and replace it. I had it happen on my Mercury and it cost me a total of 50 bucks to fix

campracing 01-22-2010 11:56 PM

same thing on my 81 c10 it was a bad hose do like Rick said jack it up pump it up and then crack the bleeder if it lets go it is a hose if it dont it is the caliper

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