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camaroguy_1967 07-03-2003 09:36 PM

distibutor mechanical advance only
I just spent about 2 hours looking through the knowledge base and did not see any thing about distributors with out vacuum advance pros and cons. I am currently running stock points and want to go to electronic. I have access to a Mallory distibutor but it doesnot have vacuum advance. will this work on my very mild sbc 350? It is in my 67 camaro.


NorthStar 07-03-2003 10:04 PM

Yes it will work but your mileage will get worse.
Thats what vacuum advance is made for, allowing more advance at light throttle to increase mileage.

camaroguy_1967 07-03-2003 10:35 PM

What Milage? Thank You

NorthStar 07-03-2003 10:41 PM

Any little bit that you get now. :)
Or it this a strip only car?

CAD 07-03-2003 11:13 PM

It will run fine. I have a Unilite. I recently disco'd the vacuum hose and plugged it based on advice from Mallory. A Mallory unilite is designed with 24 degrees mechanical advance. So if you set initial at 12, add 24, you got 36 total.....See my other post in Engines regarding a Mallory. Search for Mallory in the last 3 days.
Or email me any questions. There is a great tech support person at Mallory that will answer all your questions and he is very patient.

camaroguy_1967 07-03-2003 11:22 PM

this is a daily driver that is getting alot of TLC right now. I just got back from Afghanastan and needed todo some tuning on my car. It turned out to be more than I expected but it all needs to be done.

Thank You for all your input. It is a mallory unilite.

I do not get good milage b/c of the boulble pumper holley and my lead foot. And I love to hear that soothing roar under the hood.

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