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Censorship and Slander

A reply recieved today from Mikey at Hotrodders forum say's, among other things, "that I am promoting my own business by what you call "stealth marketing".

If that is the case and it contravenes the rules of your forum, then in my defence, let me say that I am reltively new to computers and the use of forums, maybe I did not fully understand?

However, if I did inadvertantly breach your rules, then I am big enough to apologise for that indiscretion and assure you that it shall not happen again.

With regard to your claims that you do not know if the original reply is slanderous or not, it states clearly that I am a smart **** and that my product is "rubbish" and goes on to make other, what appear to be fabricated and false allegations designed to cause us harm.

I tried on several ocasions to email the writer of that email via your web site and got no response, you have my permission to post these emails and let your forum readers decide what to make of it.

I have emailed and sent letters to HotRodders Forum since the middle of last year, all of which have been ignored. hat I have waited patiently for this time does not in any way excuse the libel or in any way mitigate your responsibilities as a publisher.

You say that you cannot 'censor' the posting by "Willen" but you had no such compulsion doing a censorship job on mine, and boy what a job you did!!!!!

One person did read it in it's entirety and later commented that it was okay! I know thats only one opinion, but at least it is an independant one and not biased and defensive as you now apear to be!

In the (now almost completely censored) posting, all I endeavoured to do was put on the record corrections and or refute incorrect, false or misleading and libelous statements.

What are you scared of? Post up the un censored version and let your forum readers decide, after all, they are the only ones who matter!

Why you continue to 'defend' "Willems" malicious and libelous posting and yet heavilly censor mine is indeed curious?

Unless you have a hidden agenda, post it back upwithout your censorship

Roland Geitenbeek
Managing Director
DNA paints and Special Coatings, Melbourne, Australia.

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