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Simplicity, did you mean two valves per axle or two vales per wheel?
the two valves per axel will give your the roll you are refering too, two valves per wheel (total of 8 valves for a complete system) isolates each bag from the other thus eleminating the roll (two valves per wheel = one valve for intake and one valve for exhaust on each wheel). That said you can still use your sway bars on bags which will also decrease roll rate (but however will decrease your side to side action, more on that further). the other thing you can do with the 8 valve system is the front to back, side to side, and individual wheel control....I have a complete 8 valve system in my 49 and its awesome, the front, back, side to side (FBSS) is installed (a ten switch box) but I dont hardly ever use it, I do use the front to back (I can adjust my rake forward or tail drag) the only thing I use the side to side on is uneven freeways (levels your drive ) also the 8 valve system is (IMHO) safer as well, in the event that you do blow a bag you dont deflate your entire front end or back end (dangerous) most moderatly weighted vehicles will drive with no clearance issues with only one bag inflated in the front or back (I checked this on my truck just in case) letting the one bag carry you is not advised of course but will get you out of a jam. I love my bags, my darn truck used to rattle the teeth out of my head, now it rides like a caddy and while I put em on to get higher cause I was already LOW (I was having probs with speedbumps and inclined driveways.... ) I actually got 4 inches lower out of the deal as well and it looks wicked sitting on the ground.

One final Note, just because Air Ride is one of the industy leaders does not mean there are not other comperable companies out there that are just as good (if not better) and cost much less, In my search for a complete system I found that for what I wanted from air ride would have run me $2800 without shipping (complete bag system, tanks, compressors, fittings, line, electrical, driers and rear triangulated 4 link and all brackets) I found Fender Bender international ( and got everything listed for $1800 shipped with billet slam air specialties bags (as opposed to the firestones) and a bigger compressor than air ride had to offer. With air ride your paying for a name, I dont give a squat about a name I want good equipment for less money. (No I dont get paid to say that, just a happy customer)

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