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So if beads fix an out of balance tire, how come when my washing machine goes out of balance my clothes dont try to shift back to the light side themselves ?

oh i know! centrifugal force + out of balance = everything thing inside wanting to creep TOWARDS the side thats already heavy

Since tires are heaviest where the tread overlap is, that side of the tire wants to expand farther from the rim, and its where the beads would want to collect. The idea of balancing a tire is putting PERMANENT weight opposite the PERMANENT imbalance.

Those lil beads are just gonna snow globe inside the tire. anyone that feels an improvement is a victim of the placebo effect.

do a blind test by swapping the weights on all 4 wheels 180* (so that the wheel is now 2x off balance) have someone test drive it and report how balanced the tires are, then put the beads in (without them seeing what you do) and then have them retest and ask if it feels any different.

The beads will fail the test, ill bet $ on it. Voodoo science at best
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