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Originally Posted by ForceFed86 View Post
So lets get this straight.

1.) You didn't put the "compound" material in your tires.

2.) You don't know what "compound" was used or how much?

Yet you can claim that all tire balance beads are total crap and can't work properly when like a million people have been using it for decades and claim it works. I personally have used them and they worked great in my application.

It's very simple physics and works just fine in a "real world setting". Ie smooth as glass at 137mph in a big *** slick. Did you look at the video above? A caveman could understand it. The fact that you cant scares me a bit.
Really? Actually cavemen were very clever I hope your not suggesting otherwise
in answer to your 1st point ; it is an invalid entry ie it is not relevant.
the compound was in the tire regardless of who put it there. I know because I saw the tire removed and emptied of the beads.
point 2 half valid in that I dont know the exact weight but I do know that they are a commercially available brand
caveman point ; I understand the plastic bottle physics perfectly rather you jump the gun in assuming I don't and if you are suggesting that it is in anyway capable of being a control experiment for a tire at 137 then ...
Finally the video is not real world its a constant shape plastic bottle as opposed to a rubber tire which every turn has a flat area at the contact with the road and in some conditions is subject to huge external accelerations which are otherwise known as bumps
anyway its all academic because I had a truck that was shaking itself to bits and now the beads are out its silky smooth so I need no further evidence,perhaps the truth lies in the middle ie it works in some applications but not in others after all we are in very different fields but make no mistake it doesn't work in mine
anyway don't take it all too personally its only a tiny bit of a very big picture

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