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Lol, Lol, Lol

SHAMWOW.LOL! Hey..... I AM YELLING!!!! You know how frustrating it is to NON STOP meet body shop guys (like you), who you simply will NEVER get it, no matter what ?!
This ain't no TRICK, or GEMIC! What it IS, is so advanced the LARGE portion of body-men out there (like you) will probably NEVER get it!! AND THAT'S A SHAME! And why? Cause their stuck in the same ole, same ole, rut EVERY DAY!!! They get to work, and fight the never ending battle of, 'trying to get as many hours out this week as they can.... After I learned PDR in 89' I have worked NON STOP on making the PROCESS better! Not trying to get the work out as fast as I could... I knew that as I advanced the 'SYSTEM', the speed would come,
ps.... and it did.
You know that guy that does MAD MONEY? Tune in to my 'blog' soon....
I'm gonna 'spoof' that guy, cause that's EXACTLY how I feel!
Shamwow... have you even been to my blog and heard the discussion on what this is??? I'ld bet not... hey this is my last post, and you know what? The next time you find yourself (covered in bondo dust) and looking at a dent, thinking "I wonder IF a suction cup could pull that out? or, What IF there was a glue system strong enough to pull metal without turning loose, or a tool that spins so fast it CAN move metal?..........................naaaa gime me that grinder........... SHAMWOW signing off.... LOL....LOL
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