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Darryl, first off, thank you for coming here and joining this thread. It isn't easy to take the criticism you have from us and keep coming back.
These repairs you have posted here, the roof, and the Audi quarter are nothing short of remarkable. There is a couple of things that I think you need to know, everyone here at the forum are looking at perfection as a rule. We are looking at the closest thing to perfection. I don't think either repair would have met the standards of most of the guys here, there are still waves and flaws in both those repairs, they are minor compared to what they started with, but there are flaws just the same. These flaws wouldn't be acceptable to most of us on anything we do. Personally I know there are times when they would be, on my daily driver, I would accept these flaws and spend the time it takes to make it perfect on my passion project in the garage, not on my daily beater. But that is an exception, most of us wouldn't accept anything like that repair on the Audi.

That being said, they are still REMARKABLE repairs.

But saying "this is the kind of thing the Dominator can do" is seriously misleading. It is like throwing a pile of clay and brass on the ground next to this Degas.......

And saying "This is the kind of thing this clay and brass can do".

You are selling your skills way to short. If you go around selling these tools the way you do you are going to have a LOT of pissed off customers. You make it sound like the TOOL is the one doing the work.

That Audi for instance, after all that time below the moulding it is still stretched out and will need serious repair, not just "blocking" to be made perfect. And no matter what you do you are STILL going to need to take all the mouldings and rear bumper, tail light door handle, mirror and all the other things to paint the quarter and blend the door if you want to do a quality repair!

I may own an english wheel, and shot bag and mallets and shrinker and stretcher and pneumatic planishing hammers (which I do) but I sure as heck can't do the work that many members of this site do with the exact same tools! If I were to sell these sheet metal forming tools for a living I wouldn't be telling people "All you need are these tools and you can make bodies from scratch" and show pictures of work that some of these guys can do, because many people who bought the tools are never going to reach the level some guys on this forum are going to reach. You may not be saying this out right, but you ARE saying that your tools do these repairs, when in actuality YOU are doing these repairs.

You need to find some marketing firm who can sell this tool for you and you need to just sit back and watch the business grow, if it indeed is the tool you say it is.

You may think all your passion for the tool is going to sell it, but it may just back fire and you end up with responses like you are getting here from a guy who says he bought one. I don't know if Dominator2LOL has bought one, he should show a photo of it with this threads name on a piece of paper to prove he really has it. But honestly, if you are selling these tools with the hype you show here and I know you do because I met you at SEMA (don't know why you don't respond to my question asking you this) and you are like the screaming Cheerleader at a school football game. You scream and cheer even though your team is losing 37-3.

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