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Originally Posted by Dominator2
Well guys... This really will be my last response. Your points well taken...
The tool is no longer for sale! You killed it!!! Congratulations!
Yea right!! All kidding aside, the training to this technology has always been the 'Akillies Heal'... can no longer buy the tool 'out right'! (as of the end of Feb 2011'. Now you can only purchase a 'licensing agreement' to use the tool/system. This requires a minimum of (3) days trainning at our facility to learn the use of the tool, and the basics of PDR. We'll be training only on LARGE DAMAGE!
Refering back to (2) issues previously mentioned.
1. The issue that somehow I've EVER mislead ANYONE that the Dominator tool is some magic wand is ludicrous. It's tool that is PART of the 'SYSTEM'. (an essential part) it,s the 'finish tool' to complete larger damage repairs.
2. And Brian... You speak of this ultimate quality that many of you guys wouldn't accept that this technology provides!!! YOUR MISSING THE WHOLE POINT OF WHAT THIS IS!!! If I take out a giant dent on your quarter panel that the conventional Bodyshop would be cutting off, I'm not tearing the integrity of the vehicle apart, I'm not loading the repair up with a bunch of bond'. The quality of the job starts with the quality of the sheet metal repair, and we're taking that to the ULTIMATE LEVEL! We're using PDR lights to get the metal back to (many times) a perfect level. If the final level of repair on a large dent is NOT perfect, the customer THEN has the OPTION to 'paint'. In which case you MAY need a 'two-part' putty to FINISH the repair. This is ALL about the ULTIMATE pair. FASTER, CHEAPER, AND BETTER, than conventional repairs. Don't believe me? Pony up the $ purchase a license agreement, come to Birmingham, do the training , and if not 100% THRILLED, I'll give you back ALL of your $, leave the tool behind, and all you wasted was your time. (you should know if this real in the first hours of being here). So-long!

funny you never showed the entire system.. remember the yellow roof that you swore did the repair.. you got caught lying and now you trying to find another way to sucker people out of their money. this guys a looser
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