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The Dominator2 Is Back In Town!

HELLO GUYS! Yes.... It's me Darryl Domino the dominator! It's been along time since I checked the site 6 months or so... Anyway. I can't believe the joker who wrote the 'snake oil' bit. I tell you what... I'll meet you anywhere, anytime, and lets put our money where our mouths at!! I'll bet you $500.. $1,000. make it light on your self. You couldn't carry my dent repair ************!! I've been a PDR tec for 17 years.. I opened the first... and stayed the largest PDR shop in the city of New Orleans, till Katrina. I didn't chase 'hail cars',(but have done my share), and worked 'dealers' for only 1 year, and knew that I didn't want to do that either! I opened my shop after that first year. I have spent the last 16 years of my career doing exclusively large damage on 'RETAIL' customers! Expanding this great process with every once of my being... When I hear these rookie @#! dent guys run their mouths about how the*********doesn't work, it just 'blows me away'! You can show these guy this incredible tool, and they will NEVER get it. Please do me a favor.....*****************!! I want to know that, for the rest of your career, you'll be PICKIN DENTS WITH A POINTY TOOL ON EVERY DENT YOU'LL EVER WORK!!! And, at the end of a HAIL CAR..... think of 'me', when your 'rubbing your shoulder'! For the rest of you.. ***********************************!! What the hell else could you ask for? And, the truth be known,.. the chump was right..If you buy the **************you CAN'T throw away ALL your other tools!! You don't have 1 tool that can do every dent NOW, and if you buy the ****************, you STILL don't! but.. YOU CAN DO 2' TO 3' creases in 4 to 7 MINUTES!!! NOT HOURS! He's also right about the noise! It's loud as hell. BUT.. we now have ***************************************! MUCH QUIETER.. and we are manufacturing **************' filled with *******to absorb the 'vibration' AND minimize the noise substantially! The technology is REAL, but you'll ALWAYS have some guys out there being 'nay sayers'! It drives me NUTS! *************** IS MORE ACCURATE THAN THE MOST POINTIEST PDR TOOL OUT THERE. We also have ****************************** that when you use to 'work a dent' you can put the 'ORANGE PEEL' bank in the paint!! Once again, I'll put my money where my mouth is for ANY 'nay sayers'! Sorry I've been soooo damn defensive.... it just drives me nuts! ******************************************** The site is ******************* Ps. He's also right about the ************being off the market... I got blown away by KATRINA....But...I'm not only back to bring the *************to market, but, since my shop is gone, I get to concentrate on the **********8FULL TIME..thanks guys for allowing me to 'vent'!

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