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wiseguy50 01-12-2005 05:15 AM

door latch parts for a 56 ford pu
i just bought a 56 ford pu with remote door openers. i want to change them back to original latches but dont want to pay the prices from mid 50's etc. are there any latches that will work out of newer fords. i'm really starting from scratch here. thanks for any input

IROC100 01-12-2005 07:29 PM

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You probably already have stock door latches. If your door striker looks like the picture below, you do. If they are like that, then all you have to do is remove the solenoid and wiring and replace your handles, which means you'll have to find a door that you can take measurements off of, for the location of the new door handle. Hope this helps.

MARTINSR 01-12-2005 07:48 PM

Yeah, the "remote" part has nothing to do with the "latch" part. HOWEVER, it is very common for people to switch over to "bear claw" latches. If this is the case, it is likely some "surgery" was done to the doors and or jambs and you will not be able to just swap back.

IROC100 01-12-2005 08:10 PM

Martinsr, I mentioned that in my first typing of this, however when I sent it out, it wouldn't go, said my attachment was wrong, so i rewrote it and it wouldn't go again. Took me four times to do this, needless to say I was upset. Each time I wrote it it got shorter. Thanks for bringing it up. :thumbup:

MARTINSR 01-12-2005 08:38 PM

I know how you feel Iroc, I missed some dishes I needed to complete a set that were on eBay a couple nights ago. My last minute bid was highjacked by my computer locking up!!!! :smash:

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