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1937chevy 05-14-2012 04:28 PM

door panels
what is the best material to use to make new door panels

DanTwoLakes 05-14-2012 09:11 PM

Are you talking about the panel board itself, or what goes on the panel?
If you are talking about the panel itself, the best material I have found is PVC foamboard. It is also called closed cell PVC and expanded PVC. This goes by the brand names Komatex, Sintra, CelTec, and Palight. It is available in 4' by 8' sheets and also smaller more manageable sizes from sheet plastic suppliers, sign shops, and upholstery suppliers. It is inexpensive (about $30 for a 4' by 8' sheet), light weight (1/2 the weight of solid PVC), strong, heat formable, glueable, waterproof, and can be cut and drilled with standard woodworking tools. Large holes should be drilled with spade (paddle) bits or Forstner bits to prevent tearing. You can also sew through it very easily. The 3MM (about 1/8") thickness is plenty for door panels. It also comes in heavier thicknesses.

bentwings 05-14-2012 10:14 PM

I've got aluminum sheet door panels now and I've been thinking of covering them with vinyl. I think some sewfoam on the back of the vinyl. I can form the aluminum to what ever I need for design. I've also been thinkig of using snaps to mount the panels. I need access to the inside of the doors for maintenance.

I already have insulation wrapped and sealed in plastic. This "bag" is temporarily glued to the back of the aluminum. pretty effective anti noise deadner.

Never use shaved doors handles.!!!!! locked myself out again the rain.

I just finished molding fiberglass arm rests. I plane on covering these with vinyl too. It will take a 2 piece covering to wrap around without wrinkles. these will be mounted from the backside of the aluminum.

My doors are glass and very light weight compared to steel car doors.

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