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ogre 05-18-2011 10:12 PM

Door panels 58 chevy truck from scratch
it's been a while since i've done any fiberglass work.
way back 2 yrs ago i started door panels for my truk.
i didn't like the look of them and put them on the back burner for
a while i got the rest of the truk finished.

earlier this spring i gutted my truck interior to fix the ac, cruise and a smattering of electrical work.
and to finish my door panels.... :rolleyes:

this is where i left off way back then

1/4'' plywood for the base, mdf for the frame work

i cut some of the boxyness out and re-fiberglassed them
still not what i want but i have too much in these to scrap them
i covered them in grey vinyl

this area was a beotch to wrap, my friend has a steamer that helped shape around the tweeter

i installed the mids and tweeters

my wife sewed up arm rest covers in the same material as the seat inserts.
it looks a little pukey here, but it's not. really, no i mean it...

and i finished them with carpeted inserts.

ogre 05-18-2011 10:14 PM

before installing the door panels, i did a little dynamic sound deadening on the door

and a little high resonance deadening on the back of the door panel

3 rolls of rammat and 10 yds of foam deadener in the cab,
but there is still a lot of noise by nature of the beast. (and the exhaust)
wind noise around the doors is bad to say the least, even with new door seals.
a little addition foam and what i put on/in the doors should help.

turn up the volume and it's not bad... :eek:

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