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troyhoot 12-31-2009 03:45 PM

Door panels. Need a little advice
Started them today. Went to sign shop for sign board. Got a deal on a scratched sheet for $20. Was 3/16" instead of 1/8" but By my measuring it should be fine thickness wise. I couldnt pass on that deal.

so what I did. Thinking im doing it right from all my research here.

1. Paper pattern, marked all holes.
2. Cut sign board to match.
3. Drilled 1/2" holes 5/8" inboard of the marked holes from door.
4. Drilled all holes in door to 5/16"
5. Got the ford style clips. Look like 10780
6. Cut second piece to go on top.

Now is where I need some advice.

1. Top piece is plastic that goes over the window guides and is attached with 4 screws. The panel then attaches on top of that. 5 holes across the top edge for clips. Should I use the ford style there ? I dont think I can get the tool in to get the middle 3 out unless from underneath from bottom of door 18 inches away.

2. Want to put a 7 inch wide piece of stainless across bottom panel. Then cut a 6" wide strip out of top panel to let it show through. Is this going to cause me headaches attaching it ?

3. Should I bevel the side and bottom edges so the material will lay better once its wrapped?

4. Going to try and use existing door pull holes but build a pull and wrap it also. In the middle of the stainless strip. Any suggestions for ways to do this ?

5. Since this should basicly be all wrap work except maybe the pull. Is this something I should be able to do with enough patience? Julio did a pretty good job on my console but if i can save some money Im all for that ;)

6. Any other suggestions to make the panel look better? This was just the idea my wife and I came up with to kinda go with the rest of the interior.

heres the pics of todays progress and an interior shot. And thanks again for all the help on the console ;)

DanTwoLakes 01-02-2010 02:30 PM

It looks like you did your homework really well. What you've done so far is very good. I'm not sure what you have planned to pad the panels with, and I'm not sure I understand where the stainless will be. Is it going on the bottom layer of foamboard panel and then the top layer is cut out to let it show? If so, that will work just fine, but make the ends round or you will have problems getting the fabric to go under the opening. The contact adhesive will hold the stainless on the bottom panel just fine. You don't need to bevel the panel material if you're padding it, but you could just lightly sand the edges if you're not padding it.

As far as the pull strap goes, it will need to be wrapped over something really strong that can be sewed through, like polypropelyne or nylon strapping, and then it should be sewed down. This will hold it all together, and the stitching will be decorative as well as functional.

troyhoot 01-02-2010 04:44 PM

Yes stainless on bottom layer. Then top layer cut out with rounded corners. Last pic is of the top panel with the marker outlining my cut out plan. Some lines are over the cut. I was drawing it out to try and picture things..

That was my concern. If the large hole cut out would cause any trouble. Glad it should work. I havent cut that large hole yet.

Wasnt sure which would be better 1/8 or 1/4 foam. Think im going to order 1/8" and try it.

Ok that should cover me. Just need to cut the large holes. Order my foam and Fabric.

Im about 3 hours from your auto trim. I work for MS state. Just on other side of state. Might need to make a trip to the college so I can just drive up there ;)

Thank you for taking the time to reply Dan. I appreciate it.

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