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hotpepper 08-21-2007 05:04 PM

drive shaft help
I recently put a sbc 350in a 86 camaro with a yh350 transmission.
here is my problem, i need to find a drive shaft that will work with that tranny
and stock rearend. can anyone help?? :confused: :sweat:

jtyler 08-21-2007 05:39 PM

Take the original drive shaft from the car and a buy a driveshaft from the junkyard with the right end for the transmission. There should be a fabrication, or machine shop in your area that makes driveshafts. I won't explain how to measure because each shop has different preferences. I will tell you this. You have to measure with the car sitting with all four tires on the ground just like when it's driven. (not on jack stands etc.) Locate a shop and ask them how they want you to measure and show them what you have and tell them what you need. It might even be better to talk to them before you buy anything from the junkyard because some shops can order the ends that you need brand new. Don't be succered by a shop that has a welder and cutting torch that said they can help you. The shop that makes my driveshafts put's the driveshaft in a mettal lathe and uses a dial indicator to make sure that it is straight and has no high spots after welded. He uses a torch and an air hose to heat and cool in ceartain spots to lower high spots and raise low spots. He also balances it , but I've never seen him do that part of it. Good luck. jtyler

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