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johnsongrass1 06-12-2006 03:27 PM

Driveway stains
How do you remove rust stains from your concrete driveway?

Rob Keller 06-12-2006 03:32 PM

CLR or Kaboom & lime away will works long as its on top if the rust is coming from a chunk of metal in the concrete it will keep coming back.

We mad the mistake of throwing anything metal in my Buddy's drive way & the stains would keep coming back every so often

I think Muriatic acid will do it too be careful to use proper safety equipment

R :thumbup:

johnsongrass1 06-12-2006 04:30 PM

I think the lawn mower I left outside in the rain caused it. Aparrently the underside of the deck was pretty rusty.

30desoto 06-12-2006 08:02 PM


Try MEK, methal-ethal-ketone, I think is how you spell it. I use to clean concret driveways when I was in the service for base housing and it works great. Just wear the right gloves and face shield to protect yourself. If they are heavy stains you can wire brush the stuff in and it will come clean.


jimfulco 06-13-2006 12:53 AM

Get a jug of Zud powder or Bartender's Friend. They contain oxalic acid, which will dissolve rust. Works great on stained sinks, too. Find it next to the Comet cleanser at the grocery store.

Wet the stain. Pour a pile of Zud all over the stain, making sure it's completely dampened by the moisture and kinda pasty. Let it sit for an hour or so, then rinse it off.

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