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newguy50 03-10-2013 08:01 PM

Drum to disc brakes
Hello everyone. This is my first thread. A few years back i bought a 67 chevelle. I believe it has factory drum brakes. I want to change them to discs, front and rear. My question is this. The brake kit i am thinking of buying is by Right Stuff Detailing, from Summit #AFXDC41CSX. Will i be able to change them with this kit with no problems. I am no expert. I mean everything will fit perfect. Master cylinder,Spindles,etc.? Second I would like to replace the hard lines with braided lines. What kind and what size would you suggest? Thanks for any input.

Bryan59EC 03-11-2013 06:17 AM

They will probably fit just fine.
Only issue may be where the brake hose connects to the hard line
drum brakes and Disck brake cars of the era used a different bracket

Some of these kits are kind of pricey
Might be a bit cheaper to acquire the pieces
a bit at a time and go from there.

I used components for a 72 Chevelle on my 66 Elky
Virtually everything you need will be available thru
any local parts store.

(be advised that doing this pushes the front wheels out 9/16" -- even the factory cars had a wider front track) this can be an issue with 15 inch wheels. I have 15x7 on 205-70-15 and get a fender hit on hard turns, stock height.

About all you would need to order would be the brake line kit, and disc brake spindles.

On a 67, your existing hard lines would be okay
the prop valve should work just fine-----I have a 67 valve in my 66 with no issues.
A disc/drum master cylinder will need to sourced and it is good to know that manual brake and power brake master cylinders are different

If going power brakes----and you already have power brakes, your hard lines should work

If you do not have power brakes and are installing power brakes----buy new hard lines for at least the front.

And think a bit ahead-----the right front line is different on a small block car vs a big block car.

If you have any notion at all about putting a big block in your 67----get the brake lines for a big block and stick them in. They are routed differently to not come too close tot he exhaust manifolds on the BBC.

Master cylinder I used a 72 with power.
brake hoses
All available locally

Disc Brake spindles thru OPGI or virtually any other Chevelle Vendor
Disc brake hose brackets---again--OPGI

But---for a get-it-done-this-weekend job---a complete kit is the way to go

fwinter01 03-13-2013 09:01 AM

portion valve and reservoirs
Using a empie reservoirs mounted to the firewall, portioning valve down on the frame for line routing, would be ok to mount the 2lb check valve after the portioning valve leading to the front disc? Must be loosing disc line pressure over time from setting, portioning valve shuttles to lock out front disc

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