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Originally Posted by deadbodyman View Post
I think its called dimentions but its been a while, the stuff I tried really sucked so I never used it again (only once) But SW 7000 high end products are some of the best out there (top three) very expensive .....
If money was no object I'd go with glasurit base and it s a toss up between Glasurit clear or SPI universal clear (tough choice) but SPI preforms just as well but its a much better deal so I'd lean towards the SPI then SPI epoxy,on a high end job where money isnt a problem SPI epoxy would be the ONLY primer I use ,no 2k at all....
I do a lot of budget work also so I use a lot of the low end stuff too...Omini plus(base) is best for color match,Nason would be second...
as far as clear goes SPI euro clear or the SPI production clear...thats it...and I've tried about all of them
For best SS(urathane) low end paintI really like the Nason best it flows out like glass without runs and holds up very well the rest are all about the same.
.The only 2k primer I use is SPI but I use so little of it I only buy it a Qt at a time...again I've tried about all of them,I find this is the best deal with no (cheap crap) problems....

Generally ,on good production quality production spot work on cars no older than five years I'll use Dupont chroma base,SPI clear.SPI epoxy...

Low end production work would be omini plus base with Spi Euro clear,spi epoxy primer ,sometimes SPI 2k
This is just my opinion(for what its worth)...I'm a cheap bassurd and I want the best for my money and it took about 35 yrs to form this opinion but then everyone has one with different reasons to base it on...but dont buy on price alone listen to what we are sayin and make your own choice...You'll be way ahead of us when we first started...
All that said it takes experiance and lots of it to get the best results ,the paint and materials require some thinking ,spending a ton of money on the best of the best and the most expensive wotn neccessarily give you a good or better might just give you a crappy job that 'll last forever think about a little,then mabee call Barry at SPI and see how he 'll stand by you and help you out from start to finish with your project then call PPG and Dupont even SW and see how well they help you out with the project and the choice will be simple...

Dimention is a line to all itself with SW.

Finish 1(Acme) is different.

if i had 2 put a lower line Primer ahead of the others it would be Omni 282 ahead of the Nason,Transtar and Nason(some of the lower lines i have used.

The reason we left Dupont was the price(my Ole man had been with them since 65)we switched to PPG b/c a friend of mine i went to School with was the Jobber and Gave a better deal.lasted for some time.i used every product PPG had over that course,liked them all.

he left then got tired of Pricing Plus some other things.went to Pro-spray like Pro spray base nothing else about there Product was impressive for me.

I have a SW jobber close that begged me for years to get a Bank and try them.

so guess what i did i use SW ultra 7000 with the Ultra line of Primers.

they gave me 4 cases of Finish1 720 clear(overall Clear)and i like it! Sprays good looks good,ect.

i still use SPI 2100 clear,Primers,Epoxy and cleaners.i got lucky and my Jobber gave me a bunch of SW products for using them.

when they Run out i will Mix more SPI back into my stuff then SW.

just b/c of the money savings alone.

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