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"No Topic"

Originally posted by Jon
The threads you speak of were dumped by me, as part of my new duties as our newest Lounge moderator.

I would be happy to discuss the reasons for dumping those threads, or, if you feel that they were dumped unfairly, I would be happy to engage in a debate with you as to the merits of keeping the Lounge post quality above a certain level.

Here's some more detail on why I chose to Dump the threads that you specifically mentioned:

1. No Topic Thread: These sort of threads are fine in moderation, but this one had become extremely long, out of hand, sexually-oriented, and it took up so many pages that it was consuming too much vertical space on the main Hotrodders' Lounge page.

2. Word Association Thread: ....
Yes, we are more aggressively editing Lounge posts now . ...

I will be happy to offer explanations, discussions, or debate as to the moderation of any thread in the Lounge, or Lounge moderation policies in general, to any member who so desires them.
Hi Jon, I'm glad to see that you will be maintaining a somewhat more active and visible presence here in the Lounge.

I thought I would make a couple of comments here before the flames start.

I know what you mean about the old "No Topic" taking up too much space vertically.
Just a suggestion but that problem can easily be handled by archieving the threads past 10 or so.
Thats what other forums do to handle the problem and the process can be easily automated.

Now as to why should the "no topic" exist at all.
For one thing it's a convenient garbage collector where regular "Lounge Lizards" can say hi, joke around, vent about their day, and so on without trashing the Lounge with a million trivial threads.
I haven't been posting there a lot lately, been too busy, but I always find something to laugh about in it and, for the most part, it was pretty harmless fun. Especially for some of the younger folks.

As the the sexual content, I certainly agree blatent sexual content is inappropriate in that thread or any other. However, a little innuendo seems to be acceptable to most of the folks who posted in it. If it's getting out of hand, a casual word from you would, I'm sure, cure the problem. We have a lot of young people here, they enjoy a little joking and flirting, and I don't see the harm in it if it's kept reasonable.

One of the sources of friction between members is the wide age range of the members. Another is the differing standards of the members. We have certainly all seen the differing political views. There are also a number of quite religious members, whose standards are quite a bit more restrictive than the standards of many of the other members. While I respect their views especially with regard to the language used by the younger members, (and some of the older too) I think we should maintain a little separation of church and state here just to keep the playing field level, so to speak. We're not all Christian Fundamentalists.

While indeed this is a Hot Rod site, the lounge is a place for us to meet, joke around, discuss hot rod and non-hot rod topics.

If you think about it, it's similar to a bunch of rodders getting together in someones garage after a race or a show, sharing a few brews and talking about whats happening on a personal level.
If we just make believe mom (wife, girlfriend, Uncle Mike etc.) has dropped in and keep the language and comment to the level that would be appropriate in that situation, it shouldn't be necessary to be too draconian in applying censorship.
Like breaking Horses, a gentle hand may yield better results than a whip.

So anyway, thats my plea for the "No Topic" thread. I hope you find it reasonable.

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