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Originally Posted by rovert
This is a forum for all of us to learn or to teach so when someone like "chevy" asks for help in doing an economical paint job -even a lacquer one - it is ok to suggest alternatives but if he wants lacquer and you indeed do have the experience that you claim to have and can help then help him do the best lacquer job he is capable of. The hot rod hobby allows us to express ourselves and learn new skills, insisting on doing things one way -your way- is not helpful. Newbe amateurs cannot afford the protective devices necessary to spray isocyanates nor should they expose themselves to those paints. Even California allows the use of the new lacquer paints that apparently meet their standards, this allows new painters to paint their cars with a user friendly system and when they get better and want to move on to the new paints, good deal! Anybody remember their first paint job?Millions of cars were painted with lacquer for many years and those paint jobs lasted for years, if your lacquer jobs only lasted 2 years you did a number of things wrong! Lighten up.

Asking for help? There is a heck of a lot of difference between asking for help and someone, who clearly has limited experience, coming here and saying that this particular product is a good cheap way to paint a car and insisting that it is somehow different and better than lacquer from years past. The point you make is a good one however Lacquer has such a bad reputation, and no it is not because EVERYONE does it wrong, that a lot of people here feel a warning is in order so the "newbes" will know exactly what they are getting into. Whenever someone with limited experience comes here and starts pushing something as bad as lacquer when there are clearly better alternatives then the new guys need to hear the other side from those with experience. Some of the guys who spoke up about this stuff are professionals with many years of doing both custom and collision work going back to the days when lacquer was common, they know very well how to use it and they are well aware of it's drawbacks. Lacquer is old outdated technology and it is as bad as everyone has said so there is not a darn thing wrong with someone speaking up about the proven pitfalls of using this stuff and pointing out that there are better cheaper ways of painting a car. If you want to use it fine no one is telling you or anyone else not to they are just passing on a warning about what will happen if you do. If you choose to ignore that or just refuse to believe it that is entirely up to you and if you want to come here and brag on the stuff and show a successful job using it then that's fine also but don't scold the pros for warning others by giving their opinion based past experience with this product.

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