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dyno - never again

Today I lost all respect for motorsport companies. After several months of trying to tune out my carburetor to peak operation I finally decided to take it in and pay a ďprofessionalĒ to do it on a dynamometer. $250 later I learned the hard way that $15 entry at a test and tune day at the dragstrip by myself would have been better and smarter. I have had two separate experiences with performance companies. One a couple of years ago before a motor rebuild , head swap and cam upgrade. The guys running the dyno managed to have it running worse when I got it back than when I took it in. The ďtechniciansĒ looked like they were straight out of high school and pronounced stoich as sto-eee-ch. Morons. Now today a couple of years later Iím out of state and going to school and took it to a rather respectable racing company, not to bash anyone lets call em xyz motorsports. These guys normally work on porshes and subaruís pretty much eurpoean cars that are fuel injected. But they ensured that they could handle carburetors. When I pay $110 an hour for an ďexpertĒ and a dyno I expect that they should know something about my car that I donít without even looking at it, stuff you go to tech school for. After paying them for me to run the piss out my car and work on the carburetor myself they seemed pretty happy with themselves that I gained 40 hp. Which I admit is a good but is nothing that could not be done outside the dyno. I knew the timing and carburetion was not correct before I took it in, it ran like ****. Which is why I took it in! save myself time and stress on the motor from so much trial and error. In the end they knew less than I did about carburetors and I shelled out $250 to work on my own car. It is still not at its best but I wasnít wasting anymore time or money. Where have all the carb guys gone? Finding people that are good at tuning and know carburetors from top to bottom are hard to come by. I searched all over before I finally went to these guys. So learn from my mistake, for tuning go to the dragstrip. Or a back road which I canít do anymore because I live in a city where many pedestrians and cops live too. If you want numbers then go to the dyno. Itís a hell of a lot cheaper and if you donít like punishing your motor you can let off at the end of the track. Pushing the revs past 5,000 and up for 15 so seconds on consecutive dyno runs is enough to make anyone that loves their carís heart wince. If anyone knows any good carb guys let me know. I wonít be going into one of these shops again. Most of my home trial and error runs have been give and take on performance with great top end or great low end not both. Thats why I think it definately has more.. I have felt it before! Oh by the way.. 79 trans am, 355 chevy, weind stealth intake, edelbrock 650 thunder series carb, 373 gears, hooker headers, msd ignition, performer rpm camshaft, port and polished heads, th350 trans, 2400 stall,Ö.. 241 rwhp??!

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