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DoubleVision 09-04-2007 11:31 PM

Dyno pulls on factory engines
Late last night on the speed channel, I`m not sure what show it was, but it was showing dyno pulls on factory high performance engines. The contenders were The chevy 409 with dual carter 4 bbls. The pontiac Super Duty 421. The Ford 427, the chevy "mystery motor" 427, The infamous 426 Hemi with dual 4 bbls. They took engines that were built to factory specs and used blue print cams. The 409 was rated at 409 horsepower, it`s dyno pull showed 405 horsepower or maybe 402. The super duty 421, I forget it`s power rating, also came in somewhere in the 400 plus range. The Ford 427 screamed over to 600 horsepower. The chevy 427 kicked out over 500 horses. The 426 Hemi kicked out a amazing over 800 horsepower. When the show came on and they showed the contenders, I knew the Hemi would take all, and I was sure the Ford 427 would take second. I was also thinking since they wanted to dyno test the engines that were considered king of the streets, why wasn`t there a LS6 454 in the mix? I doubt that even it could hang with the Ford 427 and the 426 Hemi but I also thought it would put out more than the 427 Chevy did. I had always hoped to see a show like that and I enjoyed it. They mentioned that they will do more engines later, It would be nice to see a 375 horse 327, and L79 327, a boss 302, a boss 351, the LT1 350, the 340 Magnum, as well as many other historical small blocks. My instructor from college always said, if you wanna go fast, you build a Chrysler, it looks like he was right in spades.

red65mustang 09-05-2007 06:03 AM

did they give the TQ max #'s and TQ rpms peak.....

hp wins races
tq is fun on the street

ex: 428SCJ is only 335hp stock but 450TQ for wicked snap your neck back with the factory stock 3.91 gears....only does about a 14et/90mph stock but a total blast getting there!

boatbob2 09-05-2007 09:06 AM

426 hemi.........
hi,i dont believe theres ANY WAY,a STOCK 426 hemi put out over 800 ponies. i had one with 2 -4 brls and a wild cam,it was a great runner,but nowhere 800 horses.

BBCMudbogger 09-05-2007 09:35 AM

I saw the same show....have to agree with bob2

ChevelleSS_LS6 09-05-2007 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by DoubleVision
The 426 Hemi kicked out a amazing over 800 horsepower. When the show came on and they showed the contenders,.

I know stock more than the rated 425, but not 900, that's way too high.

They should have dyno'd other engines, the early 1970s LT1 350, aforementioned ls6, and the l88 425(rated) hp 427, the 375hp-327v8, oh... zillions of others as well. If they want me to watch, kill the drama and crap :embarrass and let's fire up that dyno! :thumbup:

DoubleVision 09-05-2007 04:49 PM

That`s the same thing I said in my first post, I want to see the small blocks give it a whirl. I don`t believe everything I read or see either, These were all measured at the flywheel, with the best power curve and so on, I knew the Hemi was one of the baddest on the streets in it`s day, I wasn`t too sure I believed it nailed 800 horses. I`ve never seen one and what it could do at events, but I have seen what a 440 6 pack could do at the drag races years ago, if I recall correctly in was in a challenger, but I don`t know dodge cars real well, but I`d know it if I seen it, this car was a daily driver, and it took a friend of mine`s roller cammed 454 twice. Years ago in the mud racing days, we had a fellow show up in a old 64 chevy pickup body on a 4x4 frame, under the flip forward hood was a ford 427. I had never really seen one until then, his first run wasn`t good, it busted and ran crappy, the second run, it was still busting but not as bad, and it took 1st place, and that was against 7 other trucks. These guys were from out of town and it would be the first and last time they raced there, but I sure could wish I could see that again, good thing I got the video tapes to reflect on.

oldschoolmudman 09-06-2007 02:59 PM

the only engine ever that was factory produced that made that kind of power was the 427sohc (ford ) it was a door prize engine never factory installed and factory rating on it wa 786hpat4600rpms and 964ft pounds at 2800 rpms and thats strait out the the chiltions engine manual dated winter 1973

fitzwell 09-06-2007 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by oldschoolmudman
the only engine ever that was factory produced that made that kind of power was the 427sohc (ford ) it was a door prize engine never factory installed and factory rating on it wa 786hpat4600rpms and 964ft pounds at 2800 rpms and thats strait out the the chiltions engine manual dated winter 1973

so, how did Chilton get #'s on a motor that was never installed on a production car?

Second, 786 @ 4600...tha motor wasnt close to peak at that point in the rpm band

Notorious 09-06-2007 03:34 PM

The Hemi numbers are totally out to lunch. As delivered, their 425 rating was not far off. However, 500 was there for the taking with just some good dyno-tuning. With both in stock form, the 440 Six-Pack would edge the Hemi in the 1/4 mile. It's 390 HP rating was much more under-rated than the Hemi's 425 number.
The 427 Ford numbers are a complete joke too, unless they indeed were testing the SOHC. The best FE 427s ever made were indeed hot engines, but as delivered they were nowhere near those numbers, not even the ones in the Thunderbolts.
It is too bad that they didn't test an LS6. They were factory rated at 450 I believe and it's said they actually made 500 right out of the box. Those were the days!

oldschoolmudman 09-07-2007 01:39 AM

chiltions guide to performance and drivability..... and by the way just because an engine was never installed in a production vechicle dosent mean there wasnt any literature on it. it isnt area 51 just an engine with an 8and 1/2 ft timing chain.....dont belive me ok but just to let ya know i do know some one who owns and runs one in a 23 t bucket...

red65mustang 09-07-2007 04:18 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Ford sohc 427 was offered as a OEM $2500(?) "dealer installed option" for many models (there is a 64 Galaxie here with one, the owner says the dealer was trying to get the State Police to buy them, didn't happen, due to chain problems)

They were mounted into some original Shelby Cobra's and GT500's (68' Shelby here with one)

Ford did Factory build atleast 10 Mustangs Fastbacks in 65' with sohc motors so the motor could qualift for NHRA stock eliminator class (Dyno Don Nicholson won a Summer Nationals with one)....

there were a bunch of (different) factory experimental (Ford oem blessed) A/FX cars built with sohc 427's (Gas Ronda did mid 8's at 160 with one) Phil Bonner, Bill Lawton, Dick Brannen are a few others....

so......was it a stock motor????.......kinda "fuzzy"....kinda like a Yenko?

here's the HP spec's on all of the 427 family:

and a few pic's

ps: Chrysler was woppin' Fords butt in the Grand National races was why they did it to begin got outlawed pretty it became a "where else can we use one motor" that they had spent $$$$$$ to design and build

red65mustang 09-07-2007 04:53 AM

here's the skinny on the motors on that show from the show producer....about half way down the page.....(as usual, a "reality" show is total BS)

simple logic should have told you 800hp was a joke cause....

it only takes 600hp for a 10 second 3200 lb car.....
800hp would do 9's in a stock 3400 car.....
60's stock class ran around 13's....super stock was 12's...roughly

boatbob2 09-07-2007 07:49 AM

426 hemi
Hi,i just read the above mentioned wiki,whereas the person who built those engines,said they used parts they had laying around,including a bored and stroked 426 hemi that turned out to be a 500 cu in engine...WOW,thats about as far from stock as you could get. and i still dont believe they got 800 ponies. i had a 426 hemi in a 1969 charger, helluva engine,but as ive said before,NOWHERE near 800 ponies. i had 2-- 4 brls and a wild cam (i think it was the purple one) not too sure on the cam,as its only been 38 years. the TV program saying they got 800 hp,is about as believable,as me saying i got 150 hp out of my STOCK 12 hp Kohler engine in my 1966 king midget. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

ElCa/monty 09-08-2007 05:30 PM

Heres what they had to say about the show i took it strait from the link red65 posted.

We built 3 motors for the show titled “the fastest muscle car engines of all time”. We did an L88 Chevy, a 427 tunnel port FE Ford, and a 426 HEMI for them to dyno test. The motors were to have things done to them that would have been done by places like Yenko, Mr Norms, and so on. I have no idea what kind of spin will be put on this show, but I can assure all you guys that MOPAR will be properly represented. Though the Hemi is a pump gas motor, it may have a couple more twists of the wrench than the others, but don’t tell any of the Chevy or Ford brethren. Everything had to be put together from the parts we had available. The end result should please all you guys. Yes that motor has more work in it than it should, but we used what we had at the shop for motors in progress. (note: a 500 cubic inch short block was in the shop at the time...) Remember television is for entertainment, much like the internet, so don't read too much into it. Also, it's not like it was a secret kept from the production. I worked most of my life in underwater production. Every thing I've ever shot has had some unrealistic spin put on it by, post production, or an executive in the production. Unfortunately in most cases (not saying this is the case here) the people in post don't know the first thing about the subject matter. It's just a fact of TV. Two of the most discrediting things said about anything are: I saw it on TV, or read it on the internet. Enjoy it for what is, have a good laugh, and be glad YOU guys know something the VAST majority of viewers don't.

lowROLLERchevy 09-08-2007 06:12 PM

66 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by red65mustang
They were mounted into some original Shelby Cobra's and GT500's (68' Shelby here with one)

first 427 cobra to get a FACTORY INSTALLED SOHC 427 was actualy one of the continuation series

all others had something else between the frame rails when the cars rolled out of Venice / Torrance

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