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pjd 08-09-2005 09:31 AM

easy paint job info needed
Hi, I am new to this board, my husband reads it a lot but doesn't post. He has a 4x4 that is built up and I am wanting to make it look nice for him. It is 1982 Chevy truck with a 1990 frame and a lift. The body has three layers of paint. White, sparkly green and dull maroon. The maroon is peeling bad and showing the green. Amazingly the only cancer is under the driver's door, all fender wells are fine.

My goal on this truck is not a professional or show finish. I want to paint it flat black, and some camo strips on the rocker panels, a camo 4x4 decal on the back and do the back glass, seat covers etc to match.

My experience has been on trash trucks, both pickups and packers. I have never primered. Basically I clean them, tape them, and paint them with tractor paint so they are all the same color. I also paint all the containers. I can't do that with this truck because of all the layers of paint already on it and it is flaking bad.

How would be the easiest/cheapest way to strip, primer, and paint this truck?
His only request is to paint it flat black.

Thank you for your help.

OneMoreTime 08-09-2005 10:30 AM

About the easiest I think would be to DA that with 80 grit to get down thru the flaky paint and get to a solid base..I do not think it would be needful to go any further than that..

Then shoot a coat of surfacing primer and sand that with some 320 wet..that fills the 80 grit scratches..and then shoot the flat black..Should come out smooth and look fine..

Your tractor paint in flat black should work to keep you in materials that you know and are comfortable with..


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