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I probably should have read the "other" post on this, before I posted. Holy crap batman, I might get sued.

Now, if anyone wants to question my honesty, here's another addition to my story. Sorry, this will take a few sentences to explain.

When I ordered my blast cabinet from Bad Boy Blasters, I told them what color I wanted, ..........then I called them back and said I changed my mind. Mark Cain asked if I was in a hurry, 'cause the next container that was coming in wouldn't be for a couple weeks. ( Must be coming from a long ways away,eh?) Anyway, I said no problem, I would wait. Then, he contacted me to ask if I would wait again, 'cause he was shipping a double unit to someone, and wanted to send them mine. I said no problem, as I originally had stated that I wasn't in any big hurry to get mine.

I have my stuff shipped to the UPS warehouse in Sweetgrass MT, and once it arrived, I went down to pick it up. Brought it home, and put the legs on it, used it and have been very happy with the unit.

A couple weeks later, I called down to the UPS warehouse to see if they had received another package, (unrelated to this transaction). They said yes, they had it, but they also had a large crate waiting for me as well. I asked them who it was from, and they said it was from Bad Boy Blasters.

I said they must have made a mistake, as I had already received mine. They said it definitely had my name and address on it. So, I called Bad Boy, and asked if they had sent me a second blast cabinet. They said no. I asked, are you absolutely sure? They checked records, and called me back to say no, they had not shipped a second unit.

I told them to check again, or had they shipped one to the same address for someone else? They replied that no, they had not. So........I was faced with the decision. Do I go down and pick up my new, and FREE blast cabinet, and keep my mouth shut? Or, do I tell them about it, so I can live with myself?

I'm sure that this transaction could be traced, ( just in case I were ever sued, and needed proof of my honesty), and yes, I did the right thing and called them back and told them they had a 2nd blast cabinet sitting there, and I was not going to take it. I told them I was not going to pay the return shipping either, as I didn't order two of them. I have no idea what happened to the 2nd cabinet after that. I gave them the contact info, and I assume they made their own arrangements. Honest injun.
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