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Hi All, After spending quite a bit of time reading all these posts concerning
Eaton Compressor and specifically Matt Cain, I felt the need to register and throw my two cents in. Also read the entire transcript of the Ohio forum previously referenced as "proof" that Matt Cain is basically a bully who spends time throwing his weight around and threatening "innocent" folks. The way that Eaton (city) and Preble County treated Matt and his company by telling him to leave and take his company and jobs with him is the real crime. Folks have posted pros and cons about Eaton on both sites. Here, the concern seems to be that the pump and motor are manufactured off shore and therefore are of questionable quality. And also that these are claimed to be US built. So is every Toyota, Subaru, Honda, etc. Got a TV? Yep, China. On and on. Yet these folks who spout off about "Buy American" are ALL typing their posts on computers made in China. Either totally manufactured there, or components made there and assembled here. Lets face it, damn near everything is made offshore these days. Anyone who thinks different is not very intelligent. Any company who is trying to compete in a global economy will buy adequate up to specs materials and components from the cheapest vendor. PERIOD. Blind loyalty to your country has little to do with the bottom line of trying to stay in business and be competitive. The two don't mix for a successful operation. Fact is, if you buy US produced components you can't compete. That's a sad fact. Unfortunately that almost always means offshore vendors where labor is cheap and the government does not over-regulate. No unions either. A reference was made to sweatshops... Frankly if anyone was living in some third world *****hole starving and making less per year than most of us make in a week, you would be on your knees begging for a job in a sweatshop. We rate that all as substandard, and horrifying, but it's really quite a step up for them. Who are we to dictate how someone living in a foreign land decides to upgrade their standard of living? No one forces them to get out of the rice paddy and get a real income (with maybe the exception of the rumored prison labor).
I am in no way affiliated with Matt, not a neighbor, friend, stockholder, etc. BUT, I do own a fantastic Compressor that has been 100% trouble free for the past four years. I have been a collision repair master tech for 35 years, and believe me I have had some real gems for compressors over that period. Good 'OL USA Companies who would not even honor warranties. Had to get in the car and drive 600 miles one way to get a motor for a 6 month old compressor that they refused to ship to me in sometime under a MONTH under warranty! Imagine trying to run a body shop with no air for a month....They had the motor in stock, they just were telling me it would take a month to get it 600 miles to me. Major manufacturer located in MN, makes and brands compressors for many other brands that are seen in the box stores. And, no, the motor was not exposed to the normal dust and paint from a body shop. It was in it's own little room. No reason for the motor to puke. 2.5K for that compressor 18 years ago. Not a cheapee. Point is that yes, Eaton pumps are offshore manufactured. But, If they were the normal China POS, and quality control was asleep at the wheel, could anyone really afford to give a 5 YEAR warranty on the entire compressor? I could give a crap if these were made on Mars by lesbian aborigines, I want an affordable piece of equipment that will give years of service. AND, more importantly if I do have a problem I need to have it solved NOW, not a month And that is exactly what Eaton compressor builds.
Anytime I had a question or even when I was initially considering the purchase, I was able to get the Owner on the phone who actually knew the answers to my questions. My God, what other company can you name where that happens every time you call?
I called Matt this Sunday AM (yes before I saw all these postings) with a stupid question about a motor for one of his compressors that I am looking at that someone robbed the motor off for some other machine. I needed to know how much for a 10HP motor so I could make a decision whether this compressor was worth buying as a project or not. Not only did he answer the phone on a Sunday, but cheerfully answered all my questions and quoted ballpark pricing/shipping for a new motor/pulley setup. ON A FRIGGIN SUNDAY MORNING!!!! I got the owner on the phone with the phone number posted on the Eaton Site!!!!
As near as I can tell this is a hardworking guy who alongside his father, family, and employees built a company from their basement into what it is today. And he obviously really gives a crap about what he has worked his entire life to build, and will defend it and it's reputation at all costs.
That's a bad thing????
The guy who posted the statements that started all this frenzy had a right to his opinion and doubts, but to publicly voice them on an open forum was wrong. He should have waited to see the results of his purchase before insinuating that it was a mistake simply because of the origin of components. That's being a bit racist and unrealistic. But I also think Jon is right to refuse to divulge name of that guy.
Yes, we've all bought crap made in China. But, we've all bought crap made in the USA too. I dare anyone to deny it. I've busted just as many snap-on tools as china stuff. I have had US made cars I wanted to push out of the garage and burn... Years back I bought an overly expensive all "USA made" TV, anyone remember Curtis Mathis TV's? Their whole ad campaign was about being the only current USA built TV. Biggest piece of crap I ever bought. Point is that no matter where it is made, someone has to quality control the product, and frankly here in the US, unions, piecework, reluctance to innovate and improve, and most of all, grossly overpaid mismanaging white shirts who don't know crap except to look good for the board and stockholders has degraded our manufacturing reputation in general. Yes, we used to make the best products in the world. Decades ago. Now everything comes down to the bottom line of making money. At any cost. Cut manufacturing costs usually without cutting cost of what they sell it for and make stockholders happy.
How many of you use windows on your computer? Or, are you all boycotting windows because of all the heavy handed tactics Microsoft has been accused of over the years? Monopolizing, bullying, lawsuits, hostile takeovers of competitors. They are the poster child for underhanded tactics. Or are you using windows on your China built computer because the rest of the world is? But that's free enterprise in action. That's why we all live in the USA, to be able to do business, make money and live the so called "dream"
Shame on all you self-righteous hypocrites for blaming Matt Cain for trying to defend his company's reputation and future by trying to quell the obvious ensuing panic this all caused by all you who are now stating they are looking elsewhere for a compressor because of standard operating procedures practiced by nearly every manufacturer in this Country. Manufacturers (or assemblers) of nearly everything you own.
I am not a commie, or a USA hater, I am just a realist. I found a very rare thing, a company who gives a **** about their product, makes a fantastic compressor that's worth twice as much as they sell it for, and is better built than compressors costing twice as much. Ran by a guy who knows his stuff and is not hiding behind walls of staff fielding questions for the product.
Thank you Matt for giving a ****...
Oh and I am not gonna hide behind a pseudonym, My name is Brion, My email addy is
I welcome anyone to debate my reasoning.
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