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I think most are aware of the realities of manufacturing today, and that wasn't the focus of the criticism of this thread... at least the part that was important to me.

It seems pretty clear that the primary problem here was a threat to sue/intimidation tactics to try to get the name of a poster out of a forum moderator without going through the proper legal channels. Well... that and the oddity that the original poster here was quoting a thread on another forum and didn't really appear to libel the company or Matt in any way.

If there is a valid case for defamation, file it and the court will issue a subpoena to obtain the name of the poster. You don't converse with a forum moderator and make goonish threats.

A better course altogether would have been to get an account here and the other forum where this was posted and just lay out the truth from Eaton's perspective. Unfortunately the strategy employed came across as trying to silence all detractors by unreasonable means.

I also realize that folks can often get very upset, protective, myopic, etc. when it comes to their companies. So I think what allegedly happened here (re: threat) was forgivable had he just come back and said that ... "sorry I got carried away".

As far as I know that didn't happen.

Their business model is an attractive one for an enthusiast, serious home hobbyist, and one off shop owner - you get to pick your tank, pick your motor, pick your pump, and pick your color. I wouldn't rule out buying from them in the future, but I have to say that the events recorded here squelched my initial enthusiasm about buying there and caused me to look at other options.
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