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southerntidefan 03-25-2012 06:38 PM

ebay engine builders
Anyone buy an engine from ebay? Theres a good deal on a vortec longblock from surplus autoparts. Good idea? Also saw some from titan engines and a couple others. Your thoughts and experiences welcomed.

cullencombs 03-25-2012 07:26 PM

After buying from a known engine builder out of a big mail order catalog and getting totally jerked around for a year, I will never buy another from anyone I cant talk to in person. The only exception is buying a new motor from GM.

FmrStrtracer 03-26-2012 02:46 AM

Have to agree with the above, deal with someone local, so when things go wrong you can deal with your builder face to face. I bought an engine kit from a well known westcoast supplier, had to send the crank back twice, and exchange the pistons. Took 3 months to get the whole thing sorted out.

southerntidefan 03-26-2012 05:17 AM

Well the local "crate" engines are nonexistant. Titan engines is only 5 hours away. I guess thats kind of local

southerntidefan 03-26-2012 12:22 PM

Well the local "crate" engines are nonexistant. Titan engines is only 5 hours away. I guess thats kind of local

boatbob2 03-26-2012 04:01 PM

Send an Email to SCROGGIN-DICKEY in Texas,big GM dealer,they make up some great GM engines at good prices. 383 etc.

Dannyringo 03-26-2012 06:27 PM

Two vendors that I consider for a motor
I went checking around for over a year into possible vendors...Looked at the BBB and even contacted buyers of motors on ebay through a vendor...Mabbco Engine on ebay uses Elgin parts in their rebuilds..These parts are made int the USA...I have talked to them on the phone and emailed about 4 times already.
For a 350 short block with 4 bolt main in the 70-79 era is $735.00 + shipping adding another 225 to the fee.(shipping is for my zip code)

What I did is searched out the ranking and only would consider someone above 99.5%; Then I looked at what people bought by looking at the amount of sales they have done. Then after finding motors that were purchased about 6 months earlier and up to a year earlier, I sent them an email through ebay, all came back and said that they were happy with Mabbco Engines...I only found one complaint through the BBB on them and it was the Mechanic's fault that installed the rear main one piece seal. He installed it with silicon sealer after discovering that it had leaked bad...Instead of sending the motor back to Mabbco, the Mechanic did it themselves and voided the warranty when the customer continued to have problems with the leaking rear main seal.,..Mabbco did repair the problem, but they stated to the owner it was the Mechanic's fault for the use of silicon and the warranty was void, since they could no longer guarantee if silicon got into the oil system...
My personal opinion is I am considering them for a purchase, because everyone that did send a email back stated that their were no problems with the motor's they had purchased from Mabbco...

The other vender that I am considering is hardcore horsepower and his 383 motors...He is willing to do lay-away on the motors. everything I have investigated on him seems ligit also.

southerntidefan 03-26-2012 06:37 PM

I emailed scoggin dickey two weeks ago. To date no reply. Mabbco was on my shortlist but im really liking the price on the vortec reman from surplus auto. 1308 out the door.

Richiehd 03-26-2012 06:44 PM

Have you checked into Wheeler Power Products in Jacksonville.

southerntidefan 03-26-2012 06:49 PM

I just did. Good price on blueprinted shortblock.

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