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chevroletman223 10-20-2011 03:58 PM

Ebay world torquer heads
I recently bought a set of World s/r torquer heads off of ebay, and i thought i got a good price, 675 for the pair of assembled heads brand new :mwink: ... however... what i received were actually "PBM" brand heads that have s/r stamped in them.... im trying to message the guy and see if he will make it right. If not we will have a problem. :spank: But i just want everyone on here to be weary of buying world s/r torquers off ebay because some are actually "PBM thunder heads" in disguise. I hate to bash a guys business so all i will say for now is that its out of Illinois. Be weary. :nono:

DoubleVision 10-20-2011 06:17 PM

JeffB 10-21-2011 01:30 AM

From the link it looks like you are going to be OK,I once took marketing in college and was surprised to learn that many name brand companies make the same product but many use generic labels,an example was Dinty Moore beef stew you paid 30% more than the Safeway brand but it was made in the same plant,same recipe and same quantity,what makes the price difference? advertising and marketing costs.You will find many camshaft companies have identical grinds but you will pay more for the decals and the box it comes in and the name recognition.

biohazard_81c10 10-21-2011 05:45 AM

i agree with jeff. alot of thimes it is name what you are paying for. like most of summit racing stuff is made by other company's and the summit name slapped on them. for example i bought an all aluminum champion radiator off ebay, and a glassteck fiberglass 5" cowl hood for my truck. the radiator was 200 after shipping and the hood was 620 with shipping. the radiator rivaled some be cools i have seen and keeps my motor at 160 in 110degree heat with humidity making it around 120 with a mechanical fan. and the hood was in great shape right out of the box and i didnt have to modify it. it bolted right on no problem. and cheaper than a harwood.

bbody69 10-24-2011 10:49 AM

Hey everybody. New to the forum. I'm the guy that sold the heads to Dan. I never engage in arguments on forums and rarely feel the need to defend myself even when being bashed. I've sold and used literally dozens of sets of these. They are made by World just like PBM's blocks. They used to get their castings from Dart but no longer do. They are not a knock off World head. They are a World head that has PBM machined into the end instead of World. They are a fine quality part and we sell them at a good price, just like everything else we sell, often at well below the suggested retail because my opinion is why should I try to make a killing when all I'm doing for you is making a phone call and having a company drop ship something to you. PBM is a quality company that sells quality parts with nothing but the utmost integrity. We try to do the same. My fault that I didn't put PBM's name in the auction and this has since been corrected. I never really felt the need because they don't have much commercial recognition and I've never had a customer question that they were indeed a World Products head. We're a small family owned shop in a small town struggling through the present economy like many of the rest of you. Anybody that would like to talk to me personally can call my cell at 217-827-3094. Here's a link to the auction so everyone can see what we're talking about.
The only changes that have been made since my last sale are the references to PBM and I did up the price slightly to $700 to cover some of Ebay's ridiculous fees. If anyone would like to purchase a set contact me directly to circumvent the Ebay middleman and I'll sell them substantially cheaper. Hope this clears everything up. I will make it right if Dan isn't convinced just as I always do when a customer expresses a grievance, and I had replied to his concerns through Ebay before I found this post by coincidence. I was a little shocked to see it to tell the truth. The company name is New Covenant Performance Inc. and we are located in Mt. Auburn, Illinois. The shop phone is 217-676-2660. We sell engines, parts, offer machine work, dyno sessions and more. Thanks for hearing me out. I won't engage in any insulting or arguing on this forum or any other. Just didn't think this post was fair.

Greg Clayton

bbody69 10-24-2011 12:02 PM

Hope I didn't break too many rules in the previous post. It's not meant to be an advertisement. Just wanted to let everyone know who I am since the initial post by Dan was dropping hints that he may "out me" in the future.

JeffB 10-24-2011 01:57 PM

I for one was glad to see you step up to the plate and set things straight about your product and your business,best of luck to you in these tough times as small business needs all the support it can get keeping Americans working.Also are you offering a similar head for 289-302 Fords ? but with a 1.94 intake valve.

bbody69 10-24-2011 02:00 PM

One more detail on the PBM/World heads. S/R is not just stamped in them. It's part of the casting, along with the World logo and every other identifying mark that the S/R Torquer carries. The first post makes it sound as if someone stamped S/R into the head to fool someone. Not the case.

Plaintoast 10-24-2011 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by DoubleVision

Since I made that post there have been changes.
The PBM thunder heads are no longer dart pieces, dart and PBM are no longer affiliated, but world is now making heads and blocks for PBM.

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