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Joey Ballman 07-24-2009 11:09 PM

edelbrock 650 carb to rich
My 77 firebird is running to rich it runs ok but will burn your eyes to death because it is to rich can someone explain how to adjust it. I have gone to 3 shops and no one will work on it because they say it is a edelbrock they tell me to buy a holly carb its only got about 300 miles on it.
Thank you

fast68 07-25-2009 12:37 AM

what engine you got it on ? whats the specs on it ?

these carbs out of the box are usually jetted pretty rich

or its in need of repair due to age/worn parts

or there is something wrong with the engine

i dont think there is mucvh anyone do to help you through the internet especially without any info and not being able to see and hear the engine and carb

it could be bad/stuck/sunken float or stuck main needle or dirt in the carb

or too much fuel pressure

it could be many other things as well

i would try a known good carb and see how it does then,

if the engine is stock or close to it then i would put a good qjet on it due to them being very economical and good on fuel yet large in size, larger than most other carbs

JeffB 07-25-2009 01:32 AM

Edelbrock Carb
When you bought the Edelbrock Carb it should have come with a tuning guide,Edelbrocks' website is loaded with lots of info on how to tune them.The Edelbrock and Carter AFB carbs are probably the easiest to work on ever made,a shop that can't work on something that simple probably should close up and go home. #1 In shipping these carbs will more than likely have had the floats knocked out of adjustment from being bounced around(very common) so re-adjust the floats #2 put a fuel pressure regulator on and set it for 4 1/2 psi(it's not uncommon for stock pumps to produce pressures in excess of that causing a rich condition and flooding.

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