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the problem with the m/sIII is price.. it's like 870.oo just for the ecu..
yes it's powerfull. but it be nice if they had a step inbetween the msII and the over the top m/s III
msII is 240.oo in kit form and add a c-note for it already built..
350 is a far cry from the almost 900.oo for the MSIII
the m/s II doesn't ise ubs port. it used a serial port that most laptops haven't had for 8 years.. and the serial to ubs adapters are tempermental.. from what I've heard...
it be nice if they'd upgrade the m/sII to a ubs port and ditch the serial

I'm on the sideline ,here as the holley hp kit is 1800.oo +injectors and fuel pump.. and by the time you add up the MSIII and all the parts your are in the same ballpark ,unless you run all junkyard parts...not likely when one just dropped almost a grand on a ecu..
the MSII ya.. at 350.oo ish.. thats junkyard heaven..

I'll mostlikely even up with a M/s II as by the time I outgrow it.. the msIII will be outdated...

the holley mpi kit is so tempting for a newbe to efi as it has a self learn to get you up and running and so close.. then twek with a laptop after you get a handle of it...

I'd guess if more saw the MsII/III in action . first hand it be much eazier. to make the jump...

and frankly with laptops in the 300up range the efi ecu's prices are out of line for what they do...
I'd gladly pay 700 for the msIII if it was made here with parts sourced here...
but sadly like everything else electronic thats not the case...
the R&D comes from the users mostly.. the msIII came from the users needs and r&d allong with the makers... r&d isn't cheap.. I know.. but 2000.oo+ is hard to take for a system that you piece together and trouble shoot,tune/etc
it be nice if DIY ayto tune would make a spreadsheet page with msI/MSII/MSIII and a list of what it do/handle and a yes/no/upgrade needed.. so you can see the differences and IF YOU really NEED the top line III...

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