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mancinator 06-02-2004 12:50 AM

electric fan or clutch fan??
hey all...i have yet another question...
i am running a 402 bb in a 67 toyota runs at about 200...205 on the highway which i am told isnt terrible...but it isnt that great either....the truck has run hotter and id like to remedy that as it needs to stay cool for when im crawling on the trails.
anywho, it has a 165 t stat in there righ tnow....a 7 blade felxlite fan that is run off the motor and a cross flow 3 core rad that appearntly was made for a 350 (the original bb rad was destroyed somehow before i bought the truck:smash: )

anywho, i know i should get a bigger rad...a nice big aluminum 4 core sounds really nice...but its to rich for my blood at the moment...i actualyl got a zirgo "be cool" 16 inch s blade fan today for my birthday (just like this one)
and it says it pulls 3300 cfm...which im assuming is pretty good. what im wondering is, is that comparable to the 7 blade fan i have in there now running off the engine pully? i know at lower speeds the electric fan is the way to go as it will pull air regardless of speed...and it will be set up to run off a tstat so even when the truck is off it will keep going until the engine cools down enough (which is good cause once i shut the truck off the temperature rises at least 10 degrees :mwink: ) but what i am worried about is will it be able to pull enough air at highway speeds.

the other option was i could put it in as a pusher fan, but i have a feelign it will interfere with the clutch fan...i need your guys expert thoughts....
oh yeah...what should my engine be runnign at...ideally...thats question number three

thanx in advance!!!

now off i go to search:thumbup:

Jared 06-02-2004 02:35 AM

i would run a pusher on a switch or a stat, with the cluth fan. that would be nice insurance.

87442lover 06-02-2004 04:57 AM

A pusher with a clutch would only serve to be a big air flow restriction.

Get yourself a 7 blade clutch fan with a shourd and you should be good so long as you have a proper size radiator for that engine.

blndweasel 06-02-2004 09:51 AM

what's your transmission in that land cruiser? is it an automatic? do you have a separate tranny cooler, or is it integrated into the main radiator? I separated the two (they were hot like a couple of fighting toddlers, I tell you) and I saw drastic improvements in temperature.

Also, what kind of shrouding do you have around the fan?

Sorry I didn't read all of your post...
I think that fan you linked to is going to be too small for your application. I'm running a Flexalite FLX-295 (4600 cfm) and I'm running a high performance small block. It's a scirocco-style fan with built in shrouding, and it's a puller. Look into a dual-fan setup with proper shrouding and you will see a drastic improvement.

Hope this helps


mancinator 06-02-2004 02:49 PM

it has an sm420 manual 4 speed tranny in there (in need of a rebuild)
the highest my revs go is maybe 3000 unless i am really pushign is scary up past that many rpms in there really doesnt even need to go much past that becuase my usual crusiign speed on the highway is 2000 rpm at 70 mph....which is pretty darn good in my opinion. hell it will climb hills in 4th gear at 1000 rpm with no lugging...its got monsterous torque and awesome gearing.

anyways, back to the matter at hand...i will most likely make soem sort of fan shroud, and keep the electric fan as a pusher so that while im offroad ad idlign really slowly i will have some air well as have it kick on when the truck is off to keep the temps down. i guess bottem line is ill just have to experiment.

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