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I agree with you both ... I do NOT like my engine spending most of it's time below 180* as it is presently doing. I'd be happy to see my fan kick in at 190* and shut off at 180* ... in fact I won't rest until I get things running just that way.

Thanks Trees, for your usual insight and knowledge. Hey - if my mechanic was so "knowledgable" how come he didn't wire me up for optimum performance? Mechanics are great when it comes to stuff that's too big for me to handle, but I always comb through everything they did with a fine-toothed comb -- and rightly so! This guy did a good job with my radiator install, but I'm convinced that he does NOT like doing any kind of electrical work -- that circuit breaker he installed was grounding out, to a degree, and he just ignored it. I didn't ... after wiring my truck from scratch, I'm pretty confident in that area, so I took the time to bypass his electrical work, revealing a serious problem and fixed it.

I'm not sure I fully understand the trinary switch, Trees. If it tells my fan to run as long as the compressor is on, is it possible that I'll be running the engine too cool again?


1 - Right now, I'm only running an engine coolant switch -- in the manifold. Would that be better placed elsewhere?

2 - My temp sender (for my gauge) is in the block -- that would be best in the manifold, right?

3 - How do you run a manual switch in harmony with the temp sensor switch and the trinary switch?

4 - Can anyone explain what I have to do to install a trinary switch? Where does it go?

PS - I don't know if my Walker has a sensor bunge at the bottom ... how would I determine if it does, and if it does, what is it for? Is THAT where the temp sensor SHOULD have been installed???

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