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mustang 671 09-16-2012 02:23 PM

electric fuel pump problems on sbf weiand 671
hi all . been a while for me . been back on my car and looking at getting it on the road in 4 weeks . so i have a problem i need help with . i had contamination withinn my fuel- being water - yuk - isnt good for carbs - so i have cleaned out the tank . lines , overhauled carbs , and have fitted a new holley pressure reg and have replaced my mechinacal high flow eldebrock fuel pump for a electric one . the main reason is so i can set up my carbs before cranking the engine but also if the car was stood for a while it took alot out of the battery to re pressurise and crank this engine being supercharged .

ok . i bought from ebay a bosch electric fuel pump . fitted a filter before it and have fitted the regulator after it. the regulator is brand new and i havent tried to change it from the factory set . i have over 12psi on my guage near the carbs . my needle valves are passing by and filling the engine with fuel .

so my question is . have i bought the wrong fuel pump ? ie the one i have on another v8 ticks fast and then starts to slow down then stops . this fuel pump is noisey and doesnt seem to shut off ?

are some pumps constantly pushing ? ie one for a fuel inj system meaning it pushes huge pressure for a common rail type engine . or regardless should it stop if my regulator doesnt allow any more flow ?

again lots of questions and i maybe barking up the wrong tree . can a fuel pump push past a regulator ?

was thinking of changing it for another one if its not correct ? if so what ?

i have a 351w now bored to 5.9 and have a 6/71 weiand with 2x 600 vac sec carbs .

cheers all.

mustang 671 09-16-2012 03:29 PM

cheers f bird . its been awhile . hope your well and good. i was wondering about what to do on my fueling , thinking i need to speak to a specialist over here ? or do you reckon i could achieve it myself ? will speak to "real steal" in the morning and see what holley pumps they can provide with your figures in mind . i have a copper 3/8" of inch fuel line from tank to engine . i was told it would be enough . whats your thoughts ? . no fitings on it . have bent it all nicely.


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