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Electric Brake Answers

As many of you seem to have figured out, the Electric Brake was from a Jeep, there were a few other different inceptions of 'electric brakes', as in the Turbo Buick Powermaster, and the electric brake unit on the Ford T-bird SuperCoupes. You can see videos here where we covered both of those

Both of these units were used to try and work around the complete lack of vacuum that the two cars had because of the supercharging they came with.

No vacuum + vacuum booster = fast car with no brakes. So Bob at Power Brake Service developed what is now being called the Electric Brake in the mid to late 80's, because it seemed to solve the lack of vacuum problems that the muscle cars and hot rods we normally see have, because of their blowers and huge cams.

The advantage of being in business for 60 years is that your customers update you on how products worked out, and you can adapt to improve. After a while our customers were telling us that the electric motors would burn out faster than they would expect and the units would fail... after a while. Bendix stopped making the new units, and there was nobody making parts to rebuild it. No new units and no parts meant that it wasn't a viable option. The pressure switches, accumulators, and pumps were all prone to failure, and three sources of failure is not something that we would want to sell.

These days, with no major manufacturer making new units, and nobody making rebuild kits, means that there are no new units available to anybody anywhere, and there are absolutely no rebuilt units anywhere for anybody to adapt to their other application. They are also not making Powermaster parts (go ahead and find out how the Grand National guys feel about that), and ATE doesn't care to make the T-bird units again.

That means that there are no legitimate electric booster units coming from PBS (us) SSBC, Baer or anybody. There are only un-rebuilt used units available. There are new casting that are being made, but there are only used internal parts place in them (the casting doesnít stop the car, the parts do). We've thought about selling them again since they seem popular, but we don't know where to start since whatever cores are available have been over rebuilt and machined. It is a cold hard fact for the few of us performance brake companiesÖ and the electric vacuum pumps are fighting a loosing battle against the complete lack of vacuum in a performance engine. The New Delco Moraine 11 inch boosters that you can buy, arenít being made by Delco, they are stamped under license in China, making them un-American for your American classic. For the last twenty years the big companies have been using crimped cans, not twist off, for vacuum boosters, so they can only be rebuilt twice before the out can is trash. Finally, the 7 inch vacuum boosters that people are putting on only put out between 400-600 psi, and calipers require 1200 to operate, so they are dangerous. Hydroboosts are the perfect solution, but are on the expensive side for a lot of people. Pretty frustrating, isnít it?
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