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Z28cheverra 01-02-2005 09:16 PM

electric water pump for the street
I understand most people out there are not impressed with the Proform electric pump for the street. What about CSR electric water pumps for the street? Also what is the general consensus out there, is an electric water pump an ok idea for a street car, or should it be only be used for drag racing? Finally I would really like to see how people set up the alternator brackets since no electric water pumps have bolt holes for the alternator, why not is another question I would like an answer to. Thank for you time Alex 01-02-2005 11:01 PM

Some people like them for the street but they are not intended for that application as you know. I wouldn't run one - cost of a fried engine or being stalled on the side of the road with a boil-over is too dear.

willowbilly3 01-03-2005 04:12 AM

no alternator is needed on a real race car, which is what the electric pump is designed for.

mitmaks 01-03-2005 05:55 PM

Ive been told they dont last more than 80hrs or less

Deuce 01-03-2005 09:15 PM


I would NOT use one.......

I use this.......

A aluminum water pump and a 18 inch 6 blade fan with a clutch on it.


I was at a Rod Run in Daytona Beach at few years ago and a fellow that stayed at my motel had a 32 Ford roadster with a electric water pump on it. He had driven it from Texas :)

He had the alternator mounted on the rear end and was belt driven off the yoke. He had adapted it from a parking brake kit.

This was a bare bones roadster. No radio, heater, wipers or power using equipment except the basics (lights....starter...ect)

He said he had driven 7 or 8 thousand miles trouble free........he said.


Pony 01-03-2005 09:50 PM

I have a factory cradle style alternator mounting bracket that mounts to the front of the left head. I came stock on my 1974 Corvette 350. The adjuster arm bolts to a boss on the front of my intake manifold. (performance plus Crosswind). Look in my gallery on: page3/row3/col3 and page6/row1/col3. This set up would allow you to use an electric pump.

BillyShope 01-04-2005 04:05 PM

A friend of a friend, in San Diego, developed a combination alternator/water pump and came thiiiis close to selling the rights to one of the biggies. He was marketing it himself. I remember seeing his ads in the back pages of the magazines. Don't know if it's still available or not. Anybody know anything more about it?

Dave E Shank 01-06-2005 08:51 AM


There was a booth at the Columbus Good Guy's Show featuring a electric aluminum water pump that was about the same configuration as a SBC pump. He had a demo unit with clear plastic pipe that showed high flow and high claims. It was about $ 300.00 but I have not seen him or any ads or articles since?? I often thought it would be neat to have an auxillary in line electric that you could switch on in heavy traffic but most problems are low air flow not water flow.:mad: ... DAVE

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