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headturner73 04-07-2007 05:31 PM

Electrical Problem
Hi Guys,,here It Goes,,73 Nova With A 383 ( 350 ) Stroker Had To Replace Intake Gaskets,pulled Dist.out ,,and While I Had It Out I Checked Points For Proper Gap Needing Adj. The Dist. Is A Mallory 2548201 With Double Points #25042x ,, The Points Are 6mo.old And Cap And Rotor, And Plugs,,got It Lined With # 1 Plug,,fired Up And To My Surprise Only Driver Side Had Spark,i Checked To Make Sure I Had Fuel And Plugs Were Wet,checked Cylinders 125 Plus Lbs,i Took A Plug Wire Off Passenger Side Stuck A Spare Plug In But No Spark,could It Be A Bad Set Of Points Or Something In The Dist. I Also Put A New Starter In,turns Over Well,i'm Ready To Go Electronic But I'm Hearing To Many War Stories,,any Help Would Be Gratefull,,thanks Brian

T-bucket23 04-07-2007 05:44 PM

I would check both sets of points since you said it was ok before and you "adjusted them and now you have issues. The point gap should be about .017 with the rubbing block on the lobe of the dist cam.

Good luck

docvette 04-07-2007 08:18 PM

Doc here, :pimp:

Very ODD indeed! :confused:

I Don't think I have ever heard of a BANK of plugs going out and the other working fine..(assuming you checked 2,4,6 and 8 for fire, not just 2...)EVEN with one set of points firing, it should hit on all 8...

Try running a battery jumper cable from the battery , insert the spark plug BODY into the other clamp put on each plug wire and look for spark ... (you can hold it in your hand without getting bit this way *AND* you have a Bonded ground without having to "Just get it close to the block..!)

TRY running a Ground strap (or jumper Cable) to the passenger head from battery ground..and see if spark returns, maybe the head is insulated by gaskets and sealers and the change of the manifold sealed (pun intended) the right head's fate as to a proper ground bond..

One other thing , It may be possible that in changing the manifold, you may have dropped Or rested the manifold (or other heavy part) on the plug wires for the passenger bank..and internally cut the cores..Try new wires or swap in some known good ones.

Other than that, unless you have a Crossfire cap..I can't think of anything that would effect plugs 2,4,6 and 8 in a row..since the FO (Assuming SBC) is : 1,*8*, *4*, 3, *6*,5,7,*2*..It (the Dizzy) would have to do a lot "OF SKIPPING around to miss the four in a row..(astric's are passenger bank)...

Keep us updated..

Doc :pimp:

headturner73 04-10-2007 09:37 PM

Electrical Problem
Well guys this is what I came up with,,could not get fireing on rt. side Chevy
383 so,,,I went back to base one,,,removed the dist. since it was double points I switched them,,,but,,found,,both sets were shorting and new cap had a hair line crack,,put old cap back on and reset points ,,fired right up,,but still don;t have the power it had ,,,so,,I decided to go with PERTRONIX BILLET DIST. and Flame Thrower 2 coil,,so thanks for all your help and I will see how this unit works out,,o- yes I will keep my points close by,,,Thanks again,,Brian :thumbup:

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