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Originally Posted by ssmonty
Hey you guys,
Not sure if this is the right forum for these questions, but here goes.
I have an '86 SS Monte Carlo with a 350 sbc that I plan on installing a 383 sbc into. I noticed when installing the 350 that it was difficult to locate the trans. onto the mount as if the engine mounts were not straight, causing the tranny to miss the mount by 1/2in. or so towards the passenger's side I believe. I managed to pry the trans over enough to bolt it up, but it wasn't easy, and I suspected something wasn't right(frame bent? Seems to drive straight). I couldn't see how to get a socket/wrench on the engine mount bolts, underneath inside the frame, so that they wouldn't spin when I turned the nuts on the mounts from the top to try to adj. engine alignment, unless I dropped the lower control arms, or even if thats what it takes to get to them, or are they pressed/welded studs. Even then I don't know if there is enough bolt hole clearance in the mounts to allow enough twisting/shifting of the engine to get the trans centered. And if it will, will it cause drive shaft/ujoint/rearend alignment problems?
Anyway, I forgot about it until about 6 months ago, when I noticed while I was changing the oil, that the trans mount rubber was broken. I tried to replace it with a urethane mount, but I could'nt get the trans onto it as it would't flex any like the stock rubber would, so I installed a new rubber mount with same difficulty prying it sideways, and caused an exhaust leak somewhere. I'm not to worried about the exhaust leak as it may be a broken rusty header tube/joint, and I'm going to install new headers/exhaust with the new engine soon.
I'm also installing a new double hump cross-member and urethane trans mount with new engine.
My questions are;
1: How do I get to the engine bolts inside the frame or are they studs?

2: Is there any clearance in the engine mount bolt holes, or in the frame to move the engine around much, or are the bolts/studs a tight fit?

3: Should I just enlarge the holes in the new cross-member to allow it to have enough play to bolt up the trans/urethane mount the way the engine sits now, since it seems to track ok without much if any vibration?

4: Anyone swapped out an '86 Monte's motor mounts?

Thanks for any input!!!
Was this car involved in a crash? Factory part alignments are pretty good as they haven't time on the assembly line to mess around with miss-matches.

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