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Artemis Entreri 07-14-2007 04:31 PM

Engine Kit ?
As a few of you might remember, I was mulling over a few different engine combinations to put in my 86 Monte SS. I ended up not having internet access for quite a long time, and then I spent almost all of my money I had saved for the car on a vacation, lol. So i'm back with lower expectations of what I want to do.

I've got a block that was bored .030, I got a crank and rods with the block, but the crank ended up not being good, got a nice sliver missing from the base of it. And the rods are just stocker rods. I've been moaning and groaning about having to order all these little things like gasket sets, bearings, caps, all of those things. Scanning across the internet for deals I came upon this:

Gives me everything to put the bottom end together, nice 9.73:1 compression ratio with my Vortec heads. I would order another Cam, but the one that comes with this kit would be a nice one to use in the future when I want to build a mild 350 for my chevy blazer.

For the kit options, id probably get the Cr3 rods, which from what I understand are just recond rods with arp bolts? Lol

So the point of this was what do you guys think of this kit? I know you generally get what you pay for, but im not going to be beating the crud out of the engine on a normal basis or anything and i'm real short on money and still want to do this.

After this kit, all i'd have to do is my valvetrain, intake, carb and top end gasket kit if they dont come with the engine kit.

So for someone building their first engine, trying to save money, would this be a good deal? Basically what do you guys think? Lol

Thanks everyone

I want to do something like Combo 78

But higher compression ratio
And probably a bigger cam.
Cam suggestions would be great also. If I was aiming to make 400/450 out of this thing.

DoubleVision 07-14-2007 04:47 PM

If there`s nothing wrong with the stock rods you have then they are fine to reuse and 350 cranks are a dime a dozen. I`ve reused stock rods countless times, as long as there are no spun bearings they`re fine. These rods went into daily driver but weekend play thing vehicles. Never did have one fail me either. The rods in the kit are just reconned, they aren`t going to give you any more power than the ones you have so if there`s not a need for them, especially on a budget build, then why replace what`s not broken? If you have any machine shops in your area ask them if they have any 350 shafts around, they likely do and then some, or a local junkyard. Then you can get a kit from Northern that`s a master kit with a choice of cams just the same, only without the crank and rods. this would more than likely knock a couple hundred off the total of the engine kit that can go elsewhere.

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