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i want to cry right now...

i am so frusterated that i feel like i am going to lose my effing mind...

i pulled the valve cover and watched the #1 exhaust valve open then close, then the intake open and then start to close while i had my thumb over the plug hole and felt air coming out while the wife turned it over untill it lined up with ... so i am pretty darn sure that i am on TDC for #1 on compression stroke, when i lift the cap the rotor is pointing toward #1 (looking at the top of the rotor the metal tab goes from the center to the out side, the out side with the metal is pointing toward #1)

new cap, new rotor, new plug wires (made sure to start with #1 at the post near where the rotor was pointing and set the plug wires acording to the firing order and double checked with the picture in the old camaro chilton manual, new coil, new carb gaskets new carb seal plate, both mixture screws set to 2 turns out

upon start up it had trouble starting, it started ran for a second and then died, it did this a few times then managed to start and idle but it did not want to come up above 1500-2000 and when it did get up to near 2k it started backfiring through the carb, while it was ideling for a second i checked the timing with a light, it was at like 15* before tdc i tried about 10* before TDC and same results with a barely running idle, i moved it the other way to like 30* btdc and it picked up rpm at idle but still didnt want to come up above 2k and backfired through the carb when it did and felt like it was missing bad below 2k. It also does not want to stop when the key is turned off...

It really feels like the timing is off or fueling is jacked but i dont know what else to do... It is the same distributor and carb that was on it when it was running a few months ago. maybe the carb got jacked up and it is just running really lean for some reason, or the diszy is jacked, or i am jacked...

I am lost and frusterated...

dont suppose anyone that knows what they are doing and is in the NorCal East bay area and would want to come drink some beers and bbq and check this thing out
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