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Originally Posted by Michael Knight View Post
I have a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am with the Cross Fire Fuel Enjection 305 cu. inch engine. I live in Southern Nevada the Las Vegas area. When I drive the car for a while and turn it off when I come back in about 30 minutes to an hour the car cranks but will not start in 100 plus degrees. I need help please.
Will it start after it cools completely? And if so how much more than a half to one hour does that take?

Does it keep running as long as it isn't shut off and attempt restart on this 1/2 to 1 hour schedule?

First two checks are to see if the injectors are injecting when it's cranking and does it deliver a spark to the plugs. To do the first, remove the air cleaner. While someone cranks it off the ignition key, you observe the injector to see if it starts squirting. The second simply requires you pull a plug wire and observe whether there is a spark. My recommendation is to take a spare spark plug, plug it into the removed boot and ground the threaded end against the engine such that you can see the electrode then crank the engine, don't do this close by the injectors or other fuel source to avoid a fire, then simply look at the gap for the spark. These high energy computer driven coils have quite a bite if you get yourself into the circuit and these coils are sensitive to system impedence so using the plug keeps the current from going through you and the spark plug and its gap mimics the impedence the coil is looking for.

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