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BanditT/A 10-14-2003 02:20 PM

engine parts bill of sale??
hey guys,

i plan on going to a local swap meet the next time one comes around my area. i have only bought small things from meets in the past. however, next time i go, i will be looking for a block to purchase. i know you dont need a bill of sale, but would it benefit to have a purchase agreement from the seller saying exactly what he is selling me. for example, if a guy says he has a machined block free of cracks. can i have him sign a paper saying it has no cracks? would this stand up in court if there proves to be things wrong with what he signed off on as being ok? i just dont want to spend a couple hundred bucks on a boat anchor.
thanks guys! any feedback will be greatly appreciated.:thumbup:

Centerline 10-14-2003 05:16 PM

Good luck getting someone at a swap meet to sign something like that. There is no reason for a seller to put himself in that situation when the next guy coming down the isle will probably buy it with very few questions.

It's pretty much buyer beware when it comes to purchasing at swap meets. You have to be knowledgeable enough to know what you're buying and willing to take a chance based on your estimate of the seller's honesty that you're really getting what you're paying for. If you want a guarantee, buy a crate engine.


302 Z28 10-14-2003 07:28 PM

I agree with the above post. If you are looking for a block at a swap meet you better know what your looking at. I would take a straight edge and some feeler gages so you can do a quick check of deck squareness, and line bore.


BanditT/A 10-14-2003 07:44 PM

thanks guys, thats what i thought. i have heard of someone who did it and actually had a guy sign it. i guess if they have nothing to fear some will sign one. thanks for the feedback fellas!

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