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425HP Z28 11-09-2006 03:35 AM

engine question chevy 305
i gotta 91 camaro with a stock 305 in it i cant get a title for it so im going to part it out im going to keep the engine and trans but it hasnt been ran for a couple of years the engine is gunked up a little but still turn easy with a wrench on the crank shaft pulley should i drain all the oil out of it clean the engine and rebuild it or will it be ok to get the engine running with fresh oil will it clean itself and "ungunk" ?

DoubleVision 11-09-2006 06:33 AM

do a basic oil and filter change, add about a half can of sea foam with it. Start the engine and cycle it just as you would a new engine, alternate the idle rpm between 1800 to 2200 rpms for about 20 minutes.

Sudden Psycho 31 11-09-2006 06:41 AM

I would see if it will run first, before you pull it...
But you will definately need to change the oil, and absolutely :pain: must drain all of the gas. Including changing the fuel filter, and all of the fuel in the lines. Hopefully the injectors haven't bled off to let that gas gum up there too. :pain: :pain: Fuel starts to die after a couple of weeks, give it months or years and it is varnish. You do not want pump even a quart of varnish through any part of you injection system.
I would drain the gas at the rail, by putting a hose on the supply line, turn on ignition, and empty the tank. Fully charge the battery, EFI, likes a full battery.

Good luck, if it ran before... It should start!

johnsongrass1 11-09-2006 08:08 AM

You mean it's "gunked up" on the inside?

Those engines are notorious for overheating in those cars. It's probably worth rebuilding but to use as is assumes a certain risk if used as is. "gunk" usually means sludge. That comes from burnt oil.

Why has it been sitting?

runn141 11-09-2006 04:44 PM

i hear lucas oil treatment will clean gunk out of an engine

425HP Z28 11-09-2006 06:46 PM

the steering column was ripped out of it so there was no way to start it because the vatz security system i got a new steering column for it because the person who i bought it from took the column out . so now im just going to part it out and keep the engine and trans

xxllmm4 11-10-2006 04:29 PM

If it was me I would try cleaning it out first, you don't have much to loose. You have a few options. I would change the oil and filter with 10-30, what ever brand is on sale and use a quart of engine flush just follow the directions. You may want to do it twice about a month apart. Quite often new oil will clean an engine pretty good.

A safer way would be to use Auto Rx, Its a mild cleaner that works over a few thousand miles and this stuff works great!

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