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tjk2000us2000 06-17-2002 04:53 PM

Engine storage ?
How long is it safe to store a new engine for? I'm worried the motor will be done long before the car.


HQ Pete 06-18-2002 03:22 AM

i would'nt won't to keep a motor sitting for more than a couple of months especially if its new without turning it over buy hand to shift its position once in a while.
not familair with NC weither but if its damp i would get it off the ground and up on a bench or something away from ground level.i would also not install the rockers so the springs don't get a uneven work out just sitting there.would full with oil and rotate the oil pump shaft(with something) every now and then .if the motors not fully together yet i would leave the cam out because it needs maximum prelube at start up ,would leave the heads on protecting the bores but not bolted down so you can check on the bores every so often.the main thing is you don't want your rings rusting to bores and the valves and seats rusting,keep everything well oiled and dust free it should be fine .i would be interested in other views on this cause i have a finished 350 thats been sitting for a month and may be sitting there for another month or so. :)

Madd Syntst 06-18-2002 11:03 AM

I'd turn it over every week. If NC is like SC, it gets hot and dry during summer months. Squirt a little tranny fluid in the cyl. to keep it "greased"

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