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Originally Posted by Silver Surfer View Post
You can get a used q-jet with vacuum ports, designed for street use on Craigslist cheaper than you could cobble in some sort of weird computer.
As far as the HEI goes, I have thought of that and actually have one ready to go-boat engines are the same engines that are in cars and trucks, same with the manifolds (well the intake at least-exhaust has a water jacket on it to keep it cool) so I cant get ported vacum, cause the carb simply doesnt have the bosses drilled but I can just remove a plug outta the intake and pull the vacuum offa that. Id switch the carbs but the DNR will pull you over and look for the "marine exemption" tags and stamps-the one on the dizzy is on the bottom so I am not worried but it is stamped right on the side of the carb.

Now comes the next question, and I have no experience in the rev limiter dept, so bear with me on this one. This particular outdrive needs the motor to "stutter" a little bit when going from drive to neutral. Now the shift cable has this little system that if the cable is under tension (like when you are trying to get from drive to neutral and it wont release) it senses the tension and throws a switch until the tension is off. I can either take this switch to a ground, or to a + source, or whatever. I have heard myths of there being a module that will sit in this dizzy, and will advance incrementally and then to activate the shift stutter thingie they just hook +12v to the switch and connect that to the 0 degree jumper so that at idle, when the drive is pushed into neutral and it needs a little shake it will send the dizzy to 0 degrees, dip the revs and the drive will slip out of gear. SO


Is there a way to get an aftermarket rev limiter and have it drop a cyl or 2 and tie it to the switch so that when the switch activates, it drops a cyl or 2 until the switch senses that the pressure is off and turns it off. This is a microswitch, so I could change it out to be on when the pressure is on, OR have it so that the switch is off when the pressure is on. Right now, when coming in to the dock, I have to shut the engine off to get from drive to neutral. Will a rev limiter or a stutter box allow itself to be "tripped" when the motor is at idle? Again, i would ask in a boating forum, but those guys tend to buy their way out of their problems, and seeing as I call myself the garbage pikker I like to tinker and figure it out.
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