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evolvo 04-22-2013 11:38 PM

Ever seen one of these?
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My brother found this in the basement of a house he just bought. Best gift ever!! It's gonna' take more than five photo's to show it all, so keep reading!

evolvo 04-22-2013 11:43 PM

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So what this is is a Chevrolet promotional "yardstick" for the '58 Chevy Impala. I put yardstick in quotes because this is actually 56.4" long. I tried to place the photo's in order so you can see all the markings. On one side the stick says " '58 Chevrolet THE NEW MEASURE OF REALLY MODERN STYLING! Head Room, Front 35.1" Leg Room, Front (all sedans) 44.7" IMPALA OVERALL HEIGHT 56.4"--->"
On the other side it says "'58 CHEVY.....SO LOW, SO LONG, SO SUPREMELY SMART! ...and the IMPALA is ONLY THIS HIGH---->"

32 Ford HyBoy 04-23-2013 04:14 AM

Yes, these are quiet common and many can be found on ebay. $16 to $38-$40 depending on age etc.

evolvo 04-23-2013 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by 32 Ford HyBoy (Post 1669486)
Yes, these are quiet common and many can be found on ebay. $16 to $38-$40 depending on age etc.

Well I've been looking on Ebay for these and have never seen another like it. If you could show me a link to a 56.4" long yardstick I'd like to see it. I just looked and there are two 36" Chevy dealer yardsticks on Ebay in the price range you referenced. This is not a dealer promotional, this is a CHEVROLET promotional item. I believe it is quite rare.

killeratrod 04-24-2013 07:46 AM

here's an ebay link.
1958 Chevy Impala Advertising Ruler Oversized Yardstick to Show Size of Car Read | eBay

MARTINSR 04-24-2013 08:40 AM

Stuff like this is a kick, I love it. I wish I had all the ones my dad got over the years as a salesman. I have one, my brother has another. Mine is an icecream scoop basically telling you that if you have tilt wheel steering you can eat all the ice cream you want because if your belly hits the wheel you can tilt it up out of the way. :D

My brothers is a "Crying towel" from the Buick "Crying towel" sale around 1969. I have never seen a ruler like you have, that is so cool. A lot of these these were throw away sort of stuff so there are none left. Just like the paper and coardboard signs in the show room. I saw these things for YEARS my dad was a salesman my whole childhood at a Buick dealer. Man I wish I had just one of those signs that were tossed in the garbage at the end of the year for my garage, that would be so cool.


evolvo 04-24-2013 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by killeratrod (Post 1669846)

OK, You found one. Maybe I'm wrong and they're not so rare, I was hoping I could sell this to Leno for $10,000.:smash:
But like Brian says above, it's still kinda cool!

timothale 04-27-2013 07:11 AM

mustang radio
I saw my old mustang=model car radio, a dealer give away on a shelf in the shop the other day, It was in a display case in the house when we had a fire. The kids cub scout pine wood derby cars, model cars they built. all scorched and the plastic ones half way melted, distorted.

Nonhog 06-05-2013 04:05 PM

Very cool! I had one but it was chipped so I gave it to a co-worker who's daughter has a 58.
I'd plant that on your garage wall and enjoy it! :)

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